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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-93-72.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 12:37PM :

..was it as hard for our forebears to dump Ashur for Yahweh...as it would seem to be to dump Yahwe...finally?

Assyrians had no need of a messiah...werenīt looking for anyone to deliver them...what could be better than Nineveh in the Spring? What could be worse than Jerusalem at any time?

The Jews had to believe there was a better life someplace else...any damn fool could see it wasnīt in Israel...and could see how much better it was in any direction, if you just got away from the place.

If somehow the Assyrians and Jews could have traded places back then...we would have been the ones yelling for Deliverance and getting our assess "saved" the hell away from there...the Jews meanwhile would have been lolling on pleasure boats on the Tigris. You only need a Yahwe when you NEED a Yahwe.

Itīs only after suffering unimagine losses, that and having the best and noblest among us killed off...that the survivors, left with that proverbial pot to piss in and not much else..."discovered" reformed Judaism, nee Christianity. Now they too had cause to weep and wail and gnash and grind for someone to come save them...for another shot at it somewhere else..."and make that FOREVER while youīre at it...no more surprises down the road".

Itīs just plain, good old, common nonsense.

-- farid
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