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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 11:30AM :

In Reply to: chance's protectors posted by surprised from ( on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 1:39PM :

I have mixed feelings about that...after I tried to warn his closest friends off. Part of me says, let them get involved, let them help this "poor, framed rancher"...serve them right.

If you read between the lines in those articles you´ll realize that these people LIVE to con people...banks, little old ladies, trusting families whose dogs they´ll steal...anyone.

They had millions and yet never started the infamous cattle business...instead they went off and used their first millions to get millions more. They never paid for the special bed the artist had to take back, even though they had money in the bank all the time...or the farm equipment. If operating a ranch, or any bussiness for that matter, was their goal and dream all along, they had the millions to do it with...hell they could have paid back what they got illegally, or whatever portion of it they actually invested in something...instead they bought truck after truck, went vacationing, like any serious rancher does...and ran away when the Feds seized their assets, including a few million still in the bank.

This is not the psychology or MO of someone who wants to run a an independent man. You have to look elsewhere to understand them. Both of them have extrememly low self-esteem...I mean really low. So low it hurts to walk around feeling that way...especially when confronted with countless examples of "better" people, which considering what they´re like, is almost anybody. This is the definition of White Trash...not a poor person, or a vulgar or uncouth person...but an envious who can´t rest until all around have been slimed and "reduced" in their own eyes as well as in Reynolds eyes. Every decent person they meet is an affront to if the person did a kindness or has a talent expressly for the purpose of putting them down by comparison. The people they most dislike, they most look down upon, are the ones who "befriend" them, because Reynolds and Celina KNOW how low down they are...they KNOW they´re telling lies and cheating and stealing...and they despise the people who fall for it...though of course they´ll use them...even be "nice" to them. It´s amazing how people who know they were cheated by them still say, "But they were so NICE...I still like them!". They aren´t nice at´s part of the set-up...the method through which they get close to you.

Of all the people they know, I´d venture to say they now have the most respect for me...when they ended our relationship with the most contempt...contempt because unlike others, I volunteered my help before they could worm their way into me...before they could start with the "work" they really do. That made me about the lowest of the low...and more than that...a direct challenge and insult to them...who would never and have never helped anyone but themselves.

But then I turned the other side...not the other cheek to get that one slapped as well...I showed them what a person does when he realizes that being cheated wasn´t their only goal...but being humiliated...made to feel the fool for having trust and belief...and just maybe from then on starting to become more the low down good for nothing that they are....that they want everyone to be.

To understand how these people think and operate you have to imagine the lowest kind of person you can, who still can manage to find what is lower in other people, and appeal to that. Their friends and supporters are themselves serious losers who gave up any hope of distinction in their own lives when they retired, on a bare minimum, to San Miguel to live the life of Landed Gentry or town squires...on a pension and social security and a few ratty investments.

After a few years sitting in the jardin...gossiping, drinking and eating, they face the prospect that nothing is going to go anywhere for them...that they got their fondest wish...they were able to quit a dead end job and retire "in style" in Mexico...with a maid and gardener no less...something they never would have achieved in their wildest dreams back in the US.

To these people, and he knows it, Chump Reynolds and his Beagle represent one last chance at fame...or wealth...or email from Leslie that landed in my lap by divine grace...says that when they supposedly went to Canada recently, párt of their mission was to see someone about the script for the movie about Reynolds "strange and wonderful" life...on the run from persecution and bad guys.

They told me these same stories and they were entertaining...but how anyone can seriously maintain their belief in them as they multiply and contradict each other...well, like I say...let them eat shit.

Celina even told me they were contacted by 60 minutes who were willing to send a crew and producers and a host to Guatemala to get their story but that she refused...or Chump did because he´s, "not that kind of guy". She also said that the famous cowboy lawyer...can´t remember his name now but I knew it, offered to defend them for free, but that the judge wouldn´t allow it! It goes on and on...and I´m sure there are, in San Miguel especially, people who´ve sat on their brains in the jardin so long that they´ll WANT to believe they´ve actually met Robin Hood and Maid Marion...all rolled up in one ugly sucker. After COULD BE TRUE.

Let them get all helpers they can...they might be on their best behavior now, more than at any time in their lives, because they´re cornered and have no place to run place that has as many addlepated Gringos in it as San Miguel does. Think about it...they ran from caught in Tahoe...ran from Colorado...ran from Guatemala, ran from Belize...and ran from their home in San Miguel...and they´re waiting each day to see if they´ll have to run away again. No matter what they do, no matter who believes them...the more so the worse for that person...they will eventually and always piss someone off enough that they´ll have to run again.

Of COURSE they´re going to blame everyone else but themselves...and that´s just the kind of person they attract...the one who feels the world was unkind in ignoring their abilities...abilities Reynolds and his Mate know how to "appreciate"...all the way to your bank.

-- farid
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