Slip-Sliding To Heaven

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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 1:17PM :

All over the world priests are going to be reminding the faithful, the eager, the hopeful-to-get-to-heaven-on-a-dead-Jew that Christ died for you. That if you'll accept it and be grateful, you too can approximate immortality...what a "Gift".

I'd just like to congratulate all American Christians everywhere because a lot of people have died for you since he did. Just recently a whole mess of innocent Iraqis had to be put to death for you. Thirty years ago three million Vietnamese had to die for you, so you could "Live", not forever, just for a little bit...and various other odds and ends here and there have been put to death for your sake. It seems to take a lot of sacrificial victims to keep you people feeling fit and well.

Old habits are hard to break. But then if you can stomach a total innocent having to be sacrificed for you...what're a few million, probably sinful and sort-of deserving-it, victims?

Pass the mustard.

-- farid
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