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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 1:19PM :

Just for the fun of it I imagine myself becomming wildly successful...the talk of the Art scene, hugely popular with tremendous sales...whined, dined and quoted. And then I think with what dread this would be greeted by the leeders of the Assrin Nayshun...Nimrod, Golani, Bejan et. al...and that up and coming leader-on-the-make, my own cousin, Robert De Kelaita.

How would they respond to an article in which I was asked to explain my strange rise and fall in the Assyrian community...and what on earth caused the fall. Do I cover for these rat bastards and protect the honor of Assyria...like any Bishop covering for his pedophile preists, "for the sake of Holy Mother Church"...or out the fuckers? How does it protect a body to plaster over the presence of gangrene?

Do I try to explain why Nimrod threatened to sue the city of Chicago if it dared install the second Assyrian monument in over 2500 years, because it might compete with his enormous contributions on behalf of Assyrian? Should I tell them that once...a low-level auto transmission engineer took it upon himself to weld my sculptures in a way he saw fit? Sculptures made by the same fellow who people now clamor to see...indulge me a little...for though I may not have had it in me to become any big deal, we may yet produce those who can...and they would have been attacked far worse than I ever was by these same boobs...speaking of which...How do I explain the Jackster...a woman who thinks with her groin and leads with her chest? Wouldn't it be delicious to tell how some sixteen of my bronzes were replaced by her with three clay pots...to impress and inspire Assyrians with?

Ah...there is fear and loathing in the offices of the grand leeders of Assria tonight...and if there's anything more they can do to hobble me or, better yet, finish me off...this fear alone, fear of an Assyrian's success AS AN ASSYRIAN...would keep them up late at night thinking how best to do it.

And we wonder at what's been happening to us...

-- farid
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