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Posted by Alexander from ( on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 8:08PM :

In Reply to: Tell Me More, please. posted by StarDrifter from ( on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 12:27PM :

Greece did not have a democracy, it was a mob rule, where the wealthy tried to buy off members of the council, and it was a very corrupt council at that, merely having more people in "democratic governance" simply means having more corrupt people.
The US was founded on business law. The constitution was written mostly for business purposes, proposed to be for "the people." Balogna. It was a hoax from the start. It never was a democracy, nor was it intended to be. These are just general issues, and if there are some you would like to discuss, point it out and I will.

As for anything else, people, whether rich or poor, are generally the same. You give the poor wealth, they become greedy; you take away rich people's wealth, they become humble. Not always, but most always. People are not smart. They are like sheep. They need to be guided. They need a government that represents the state views, one that is conducive to the welfare of the nation and its people, and hopefully that would not be an aggressive one.
People are never "free" or "under tyrannical rule." Those are propoganda tools. Hitler was not "evil." He was doing what Napoleon, who is celebrated by Westerners, did. It is not nice, but the Assyrians did the same thing. So did Lydians. So did Lycians. And so on. It is a bloody world, literally, and people cannot be allowed to roam freely, they must be free, but within reasonable limits. Crime should be eradicated, health promoted, education funded, roads fixed, rails planned out, engineering should be efficient, governence should be organised, military should be well-balanced, with troop men and cavalry designed to be defensive, and an air force should at least contain interceptors as a defense against fighters, water services should be taken into consideration, with irrigation and reservoir systems and dams built, industries and commerce should be neat and as least pollutant as possible, there should be coordination within cities of the militia units and emergency units, for rescue work accessibility. The US does none of this, except for some. It has "businesses" do their work, "privatised industries", this way they dont spend govt money on these things, and can allocate those funds to military and foreign bribery use. Hence this is why public schools are failing, while private schools are not. You see where the government puts its money. I kind of went off on a tangent here, unrelated to the original subject. But anyway, what issues did you want to discuss or want me to talk about?

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