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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, August 16, 2003 at 1:12PM :

Below are typed copies of four pages of handwritten notes by William Lewis Garcia, as he's known on his fake New Mexico Driver's license...his real name being John Cancellor Brentley he's known to the several small businessmen and women and banks he's stolen from, as well as to the United States Marshalls, and the police in Guatemala and Belize and now in Mexico.

These four pages came into our possesion...somehow. To protect the innocent we won't say how. They have been filed with the Ministerio Publico and we are all looking forward to the day when Reynolds comes in, as he's supposed to, to verify the handwriting. There is a verified handwritten note from him already on file and it matches perfectly, but a handwriting expert has to certify these documents. Take our word for it, unless you too think you're going to be in the upcoming movie that's sure to be made about his "amazing" life.

In these four pages you'll see what "work" means to these people. It means sitting around devising ways to lie, to cheat and to steal some more. It's hard work, no doubt and this is certainly not the only effort of its kind Reynolds has made. Only one or two names have been changed, names we recognized and thought it best to disguise. The rest can take their chance...get it? The actual handwritten pages will be posted as well...this is typed out for easier reading. Commentary is in parenthesis.

Page One:

Immigration Extradition Mexican Police US Marshalls

no papers official chanels Result of Completed Illegal snatch
deportation with US request extradition process
and paperwork

Lic. Napoleon Niega
can find out if
extradition is in
progress for $

on thursday 4/10 I
can find out how
much that will cost

(This should be read as columns, with the four headings. You can see what he's worried about. If the Marshalls get him, he's ready to cry "illegal snatch"...and he admits his greatest weakness comes from the lack of any legal papers which can result in immediate extradition hearing, no asylum in Spain, no "political persecution complex" claims. He's found someone who'll get him what information he can for supplied by Leslie Harrow Griffith, as always, who no doubt expects a really big part in the movie...sigh.)

Exposure Need:

ok Cindy 1. Driver's license
ok Jim William Lewis Garcia
ok Lesley + Robert
ok Kit + Luis Visa
ok Luis de la Sota William Lewis Garcia
ok Luis Arriagi + father
ok lic. Nap. Niega
ok lic. Martin Stephanon (?) Birth Certificate
ok lic. Mario ?
ok Gene + Suzi William Lewis Garcia
ok Fen
ok Gary and wife
ok Mori + Mori's friend Mike
ok Alex sr.
Ken 2. Plus
ok David + son (Zihuatanejo)
ok Lane + Becky Find out if extradition is
ok Translator + husband in progress
Fred + Fredrika
Fred's attorney?? Racel Arroyo lic.
Ceasar Arias
Garland Harris

(In the right-hand column are the things he needs to stay in Mexico. Things he can get through more deceit and money supplied by Leslie and her husband Robert Kaplan...Reynolds and his wife don't own the clothes on their backs or the shoes on their daughter's feet...a tragic story you've no doubt heard in its various versions...mostly boiling down to "they" took everything we never earned anyway. On the left is a list of people who they "exposed" themselves to, who think they know the "real" story and an assessment of how "ok" those people other words...How gullible or corruptible can you BE! We recognize Robert and Leslie of course...the main financiers of this "Noble Redneck". Kit and Luis are the couple Fred bought half his house from and they've also been main's widely rumored that Kit is in love with Celina, but that's another story. At the bottom you'll notice a few names aren't marked "ok"...which means they never were, or are no longer, suckers...naturally then, they're not ok.

Page Two:

Vehicle Business Income

Ater Propane

? 10,000 pesos to Have---20 pesos
Mori For truck Sat ride-400 pesos 1670 pesos
or Towards another Neutralize Sun ride-1000 pesos
vehicle Ken Wed. ride--250 pesos
Thurs/Fri ride-10,000 pesos Candalaria

(Their green Volvo has been dead now for almost two years...though recently it was removed from the house they occupied. They were supposedly making payments on a pick-up but it was taken back by its owner, Mauri and the Hero of the Western Plains was reduced to being driven around by his friends. Under the column heading "business" you'll see "Neutralize Ken" changed...that's "business" to these people. It isn't clear just what they could mean "discredit him"...tell lies about him too so that people will not believe him when he tells them how he also was swindled by Reynolds..the Tall Rider of your bank accounts. Income means just that...they were forced to actually work...though it isn't the work they're really interested's just the best trap they have ubder the circumstances by which they snare the retired and bored and hopeful..."will I be in the movie too"?)

Talk with Luis Arriaga
(need crow + one other
horse gentle)

Eduardo+Josie Push Martin + Luis De La Sota

Horses Whole story or no? for return of horses

Ghost Probably order to
Hurican swing their influence to
Whiskey our side
Gentle horse (Luis)

(Luis Arriaga is the local policeman they bought the horses from. He has testified that he sold the horses to Reynolds and technically he did...but Reynolds was merely acting as agent for Fred was Fred's money that paid for the horses. Eduardo and Josie know who they are...we don't. But their gullibility quotient is being considered here. By the way, "whole story" simply means which lie and how much of it. Each person thinks he or she has been carefully selected as worthy of knowing the REAL story. Luis De La Sota runs a feed store up the highway. They were buying on credit from him to feed their horses, dogs, rabbits, cats, chickens...and themselves too for all we know. He's also one of the two people Celina gave power of attorney to...the reference to push him and his brother, Martin, for the return of the horses could refer to when they were all run off, when their fence was smashed in. The horses may have been rounded up by De La Sota and then kept until Reynolds paid his bill. "push" means bamboozle...probably by telling him that Antonio Banderas, a cousin of Celina's noble Spanish family (lord), will play him in the movie...wanna bet?)

Page Three:

Money 30,000 USD

Local Robert + Leslie

No less than 10,000
1,500 Luis De La Sota preferrably 20,000
1,000 Mori lump sum transfer?
4,000 Blue Truck? or
1,600 2 horses 7,000 week for 3 weeks
300 local bills which is safer + easier
to do.
7,500 total bills
20,000--R+L (robert+leslie)

7. Arrange soonest possible
safe transfer date

Need First

I.D. +Visa
Information Re: Extradition

(Now we get to the heart of their On the left are the local people they owe. The figures are in US dollars. They owe for feed, they owe for Mauri's truck, they're considering buying a blue truck and owing for IT, they need two more horses for the buiness they don't have and for some local bills. Robert and Leslie have given testimony that they never expected any rent from Reynolds but traded him for his Vet care of their two dogs. In the first place he isn't a the second place Fred Parhad paid four months rent for Reynolds that was urgently being sought by these same landlords and knows what was expected by Robert and Leslie....who now claim they traded away over $14,000 in rent money for the care of two whole dogs. That doesn't yet match Celina's claim that Parhad gave her $10,000 to feed his children for three weeks while he was in the States...but we're getting close. Everyone who attaches him or herself to these people will eventually find themselves lying, for starters...and then the sky's the limit. The $30,000 figure is what they almost swindled a certain person there out of...that would have been "money earned" to them...cause they're on "survival mode"...cause "they" took away everything Reynolds "owned", which must mean to him that now he's justified in taking away whatever he can of yours too. With this "American Hero" of the Purple Prose you'll find yourself using a lot of quotation marks...cause his life story is one huge "Quote". This "loan" they were arrainging for was ruined for them by Fred Parhad, who pulled aside their mark one day and told him to beware. For some unknown reason, this man actually bothered to investigate for himself...and not only dropped Reynolds and His Amazing Many Colored Story...but warned another well-off couple they'd been grooming. A lot of "work" wasted.)

Page Four:

LUMP ON THE HILL (Fred Parhad)


1. Denuncios (denunciations)

2. Immigration en Mass

3. U.S. Consulate en Mass

4. Police pressure from Horse problem + Girls incident

5. Pressure from Kit + Luis' lawsuit over house

6. Last Resort: Anonymous letters to U.S. Embassy
in Mex. City Ref Fred's Iraqi origins
and his strong anti-American Influences.
And his own personal brand of terrorism

7. Personal Confrontations-

(Here we come to the fun stuff. More "work". This was Reynolds' master plan...the method by which he and his friends thought they could either scare Parhad off...get him deported, or jailed. To know how well it worked you only need to know that the Reynolds family, what's left of hiding in some out of the way village and will have to stay there, or in some other obscure corner, while Parhad is still in residence. They did indeed follow the plan. "Girls Incident" can refer to two lies...the first being that when Parhad was photographing Reynolds he was really trying to catch the girls undressing, at two in the afternoon and with his own children in the car. Or it could be the other lie, that Parhad followed behind the girls in his dreaded Bourbon as they rode horses, a bare meter behind them, causing the horses all to rear up in unison and dump one of the three girls, again with his children in the car at the time...neither incident ever happened, though they all swore to it. The girl, their daughter Halley, fell off of her horse, Hurican (same one that got killed later when the father tried the same trick) as she tried to ride Parhad over (runs in the family) as he was standing next to a fence taking pictures...and they weren't "nudie shots" either. "Personal Brand of Terrorism" probably refers to the lies they themselves swore to...that Parhad had guns and waved axes at people etc.)

(Robert, Leslie, Kit, Luis and a "very important Mexican man" they picked up along the way, Fernando Leon, plus a smattering of scared witless mothers, neighbors and bewlidered strangers were all pressed to write letters...make false charges...thirteen to be exact, go visit officials, yelp, yodel, bark...but who were eventually smelled out as rats or dupes and the officials stopped bothering with them. Fred Parhad has earned the distinction of "Greatest Crime Wave" in Mexican history. And none of it "worked". The resort under "last resort", the personal confrontations...were supposed to occur any time they saw Parhad in town, or anywhere they had their own convenient and witless witnesses, when they were to run madly in all directions crying "Iraqi Wolf!". It happened a few times, once with them all screaming in the middle of town that Parhad was a psycho who would soon kill his own wife and children..another was an act Celina and her youngest daughter Annie put on in an internet cafe, another occured one day when Luis and Leslie appeared outside Parhad's gate, laughing and taunting him, with Luis "daring" Parhad to come out and fight they could swear it was an unprovoked attack by an Iraqi terrorist...and the last one they had a chance to pull off was the horse attack which Leslie and Celina swore was just a friendly sort of "meeting" when Reynolds asked Parhad not to dump his daughters from their horses any more, at which Parhad was supposed to have taken fright, practically throwing himself off his horse and almost got trampled by running under Reynolds frightened and bewildered horse. We say it was the last one because they all ran away and stayed away for three months the next day...though they continued working on the sly.)

And there you have what all Cowboy heroes whose lives are worthy of Epic treatment. But those people with enough mush in their heads to begin with will be easily kept from believing any of this, or recognizing what it reveals, by Reynolds and Celina...who didn't get this far by being this sort of degraded thing. Reynolds and his wife Celina are corrupt and a corrupting influence. Parhad and others helped them too, just like their current crop of friends...but some people know when to stop and they especially know better than to help another ruin and slander and cheat and steal from innocent people. That's what makes his current die-hard friends as despicable as he and Celina are....but it had to be in them wasn't put there by Reynolds...just cultivated and made to bloom with enough bullshit and phoney tears to sink a battleship.

-- farid
-- signature .

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