Of Human Sacrifice

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-28.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, August 18, 2003 at 1:15PM :

Human Sacrifice

I can't imagine slitting the throat of a goat, or sheep, or dove. Animals sense when they're about to get it. They must struggle and squirm and yell...the fear in their eyes alone would give me nightmares. To kill them because it's the only food avaliable is one thing...I suppose, but to kill them because you want to gain a favor from your god, a god of love no less, is past my understanding. I don't think I have a religious bone in my body and I thank my good fortune and I know my children thank me and animals everywhere can breathe easy...there isn't anything any god has to offer that I want anyway. If I'd have come onto the scene thirty minutes after Christ was executed and was asked to join his club and share in the spoils and if, seeing my disgust and revulsion, his followers had sensed in me a particle of ethics (though how they would have recognized such a thing I don't know) and to placate it said, "Don't worry, he's dead anyway, might as well get what you can"...I still would have spit on them all and left.

As children we're all repulsed by the thought of human sacrifice only we're used to having it decried among South Sea Islanders, the dummies, who would throw the most lovely young woman they could find into a volcano...or cut the living heart out of her. Or we'd think of Aztecs or Greeks and shudder at such stupid inhumanity. We never think of the people who gave you Jesus and Moses and King David as also ofering up human victims to a bloody god...and not grown people either but children and not just any child but their own.

How do you transform a bloody old fart like Abraham into a sainted and revered founder of a religion. A man who claims a voice spoke to his head and told him to take his first born son out to a rock, tie him up because the little tyke would no doubt try to run and kick, and cut a line across his neck, careful to slice open his jugulars, not just his wind pipe...don't want the kid to suffer too long. And the old bastard tried it TWICE...and who knows how many other times we haven't heard of because a "compassionate god" let him go ahead and do it and that wouldn't sound so sickly sweet in Sunday school. No "religion" like that could take root today because we know what to do with such a bloody maniac homicide, make that infanticide. We don't worship them, we put them in padded cells and watch them carefully and we keep all children away from them...like I keep mine safely away from churches and abbatoirs too where they preach and practise this stuff.

Human sacrifice continued right into the New Testicle with the murder of Jesus, also at the insistance of this same god who finally found the right people to do it for him. And for that we're supposed to give thanks and "Love One Another"...to death no doubt. And we're still sacrificing humans...our own as well as those of others. What were the 55,000 dead US soldiers in Vietnam but Human Sacrifices? What were the three millon Vietnamese but Human Sacrifices...there was no danger from a nation of rice farmers struggling valiantly for their freedom and independence from the Chinese first, then the French and then Uncle Sam...we did it too, remember...Lexington and Concord?

What were the dead Iraqi children, never mind their parents and grandparents, but a Human Sacrifice...an "acceptable" one? What are the US soldiers being killed there today but another Human Sacrifice, of our own children? Where was the threat? Where was the nuclear reactor...where but in Israel? Where were the weapons of mass destruction...how embarrassing that phrase sounds now, except also in Israel...what Muslim nation has any weapons it didn't buy, often at gun point, from the United States?

We're raised to glory in gory Human Sacrifice, starting with tales of Abraham and Jesus...we're taught as children that it's necessary, very necessary if you want the really Good Goodies and so we put aside our natural revulsion and learn to look the other way...and take the bloody spoils. A child's Reason, not to mention its natural sense of compassion, are thwarted and violated by all the gaudy trappings and canting HooHaa surrounding these tales of blood and gore and what they can get for you. By the time you grow up in this infantile twaddle you're ready to "sacrifice" the children of others and your own to "get things"...things you've learned to take this kind of short cut to. If anyone really minded the loss of innocent lives, those of their own children as well, we never would have rushed like mad hatters into a "war" with a nation we'd been starving for 13 years...in preparation.

We hoped to get in and kill as may of their sons and daughters as we could, and run away without losing one of ours...that's the fantasy at least...except those we kill ourselves. It didn't work that way because this time, feeling certain we'd demoralized the people enough that they'd take anything we dished out, we actually hung around expecting "Gratitude" no less...and are beginning to watch the numers of "sacrificed" American sons and daughters rise steadily. And no matter how much our leaders and we talk abut "staying the course" and "lights at the end of the tunnel"...we'll get out sure as hell...once we've sacrificed enough victims of our own.

And none of it was called for, unless you're in the oil bidness...or need a Mass Distraction so no one realizes there was a silent coup in our own country where a man far less intelligent than Saddam Hussein, also seized power illegally and has given our own parents and widows reason to wail... and though we don't have mass graves, it's just a convenience...take all the dead American soldiers and put them in one grave marked "Oil" and you've got your fucking mass grave...American style.

-- farid
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