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Posted by Assyrian Assembly from ( on Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 11:03PM :

Be seated, fellow Assyrians, for we have a lot of work to do... We know that there is bloodshed in Iraq, and that their homes have been destroyed, and that their schools demolished, and their roads damaged, and their water contaminated, and their medicine is falling short, and their hospitals are overwhelmed with freed Iraqis who have survived Freedom bombs. We know many are dead, and many more to come, and that the US used Incendiaries, small nukes, cluster bombs, dirty bombs, chemical bombs, gas bombs, and all sorts of other illegal weapons, and that the US preferred to kill innocent civilians to ensure that fewer US soldiers would be lost so as not to upset American population too much, also using foreign military aid to this end, like Australia, Italy, England, and many non-US citizens who were told if they enlisted they would get US citizenship, and so the frontlines are filled with foreigners, and not americans, fighting a war for freedom, to free the Iraqis of the man who defended his country against rebels, who at one point got caught in the middle of a gas attack, the gas weapons being given to Iraq by the US of course, and so died, and we know that the US is freeing Iraq from tyranny, one that established medical, educational, governmental, police, and food distribution services, all of which are lacking now, and we know that the US did not go into Iraq for Oil, and that the US only want to charge Iraqis for the war the US waged on Iraq only because it's fair, since the US did it to free them, and that they should therefore pay the US for the roads, bridges, buildings, schools, hospitals, innocent children women and men who died, since it is all a great price for freedom... Just one thing, can someone stand up and tell me one thing this "freedom" they speak of has brought, in regards to freedom? I konw we and the rest of the Iraqis are free, I just don't remember what "freedom" is supposed to mean.

If freedom is supposed to mean freedom from a deadly government, well...the US is doing a poor job governing the country, at least the Bathers didn't kill Iraqi civilians or cameramen without warning. At least bombs werent falling on innocent people. At least water, food, engineering, health, education, and order were established, even if not to everyone's liking. Hmmm, maybe we should reconvene at a later time, maybe we will reconvene under Barzani's skirt. We are safe there, the ADM has stayed there for the past years.

-- Assyrian Assembly
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