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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at 1:07PM :

Look gang, let's set some ground rules here...I mean you can talk about anything you want to in any way you want to...but just so we don't keep coming around breathlessly intoning that Bush found it surprisingly harder to bring bubble-gum to Baghdad than his experts had led him to believe, let's take a real look at the real world...course how we're going to do that with people wo believe they're going to heaven when they die and still follow precepts set down by a passle fishermen 2000 years ago I don't know, but let's try.

If you really think any of the pundits or commentator/stockholders, military genuises or any of them believed Iraq was a threat to anything...posed an imminant danger to anyone...looked forward to bringing joy and prosperity to those people...then there isn't much to talk about and you're fit for the same clinic Andreas goes to periodiclly.

Politicians and businessmen, now joined at the hip more than ever, will do anything...anything...anything to maintain themselves. And one of the things they'll do most is encourage and fund movies and articles and give speeches that tell you they would never do such a thing. Before bothering with social research or scientific research for that matter...ask yourself what the liklihood is that any data you uncover that proves an unpleasant and potentially "bottom-line-killing" fact beyond a shadow of a doubt, say that unending profits built on blood isn't healthy...and any suggestions you make as to how to turn things around are ever going to be followed. The air could rain fire and they'd still find and fund some scientist somewhere whose research proved we didn't have, "all the facts yet" about global warming. People and the government know smoking causes cancer and they smoke anyway and continue to allow these vultures to operate...we know the air is being polluted by the water and we don't care...we know killing innocent people just because there's oil under them isn't right but we don't care. So cut it out with the heartfelt exposes of how "this policy" was found wanting...will be "fine tuned" in wars to come till people practically invite us to invade them...and we'll "get it right" the next time we clobber people who have what we don't want to pay for.

The United States business class didn't go to war in Vietnam from a sense of compassion for the benighted didn't go there to save people, to bring democracy or stop the spread of communism, that's what they told us dummies to put a veneer on it. They went there so there could be an excuse to drain the Treasury and then bail us out with an enforced loan...made up of the money they just stole from us. The business class went over there to kill Vietnamese children, burn their parents alive, destroy their homes and send them out to live under trees and keep it up as long as they could get away with it and only stopped when the money ran out and people here and there got a little too boisterous, after which it wasn't worth it and they stopped... so we could all go back to work, pay our taxes, build up the prize money again for a few decades...and then Iraq popped up as the next place to "save". And we're broke again and borrowing and little Jane's teeth still aren't fixed and can't be because corporations are having a tough time of it.

Eisenhower didn't warn Americans to beware their compassion for the poor and unfortunate, he didn't say, "watch out, you know how tender-hearted you are and in your eagerness to do right by the world's poor and dark skinned and slant-eyed...people you were ever kindly towards since the day you put them to work on your plantations and railroads, you might find yourselves in too many wars." He said, "watch out because you've got a growing class of businessmen who've tasted war profits and can't get enough of the easy money and soon they'e going to harness the media and politicians and Hollywood and Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corp. and Food Machinery Corporation and IBM and ones we haven't heard of yet to convince you you're saving somebody somewhere and they're going to look around the world for anywhere they can create a pretense to go to war...and your sons and daughters will get killed for it and your money will be siphoned off for it and millions of harmless, unoffending children and their parents will be killed for it and while these businessmen work their fingers to the bone to bring "prosperity and democracy" to the Poor of the world...they're going to beggar you back home.

You think if there wasn't money to be made from these wars corporations would be so eager to "save the world"? It's our money that supplies the "spoils of war". What they get out of the defeated people isn't worth anything compared to the trillions they steal in a few months. No Iraqi oil field produces as much ready cash as our Tresury does in so short space of time...and then they turn around and "loan" us back our own money and make just a bit more.

Geez...public education in America is a raging success...who they kidding? You think they could tolerate really educated eighteen-year olds?

-- farid
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