60 Cuneiform Tablets Found at Kultepe

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Posted by Tiglath from 080.a.004.mel.iprimus.net.au ( on Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 12:30PM :

60 Cuneiform Tablets Found at Kultepe (Kanesh) In Kayseri

Kayseri, TURKEY, August 21, 2003 - 60 cuneiform tablets were found at a site in Kultepe (Kanesh) in Kayseri. The site is considered to be one of Turkey's most important historical sites, once used by Assyrian merchants.

Prof. Dr. Tahsin Ozguc, in charge of the Kultepe (Kanesh) excavation, said: "These tablets are the results of one week work. Although we have begun working late, we found 60 cuneiform tablets that belong to Assyrian trade colonies."

"This year we have found earthenware pots, potters, tools from different times, and also well- preserved clay tablets in our excavations. These tablets were made just before the foundation of Hittite Empire around 1730-1800 B.C. I think these tablets will help our understanding and shed light on this period of history."

Ozguc explained that excavations have reached the floor of the first layer. Ozguc added that if they have the opportunity, they would dig to the second layer, which is considered to be the richest period of the Assyrian colony.

Prof. Dr. Tahsin Ozguc has been excavating continuously at the Kultepe site for 55 years. Berlin, Munich, and Gent Universities have awarded Tahsin Ozguc honorary doctorates, and he is a member of the British, Munich, and Turkish Academy of Sciences.

Cihan News Agency / Kayseri / TURKEY

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