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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-99.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, August 22, 2003 at 1:33PM :

How much of our history would have been different if Iraq had been called Assyria instead as it could have been just as easily... with everything else staying the same. That would change some things. For one, those of us born in "Assyria" would have passports saying so and all this clamoring about who we are would be settled. It wouldn't make us any more like the ancient Assyrians...any more than the modern Roman is anything like Julius Caesar...but at least we'd have that "proof" we lack now.

Trouble is a whole bunch of Muslims would be Assyrians too...and then where would we be? One advantage would be we'd all finally have to acknowledge what this is really about...REALLY about because then we'd be yelping about ourselves as CHRISTIANS, openly and honestly...to distinguish us from the Muslim Assyrians. No more hiding behind "Assyrian" to put a pretty gloss over it. We'd be wailing over our treatment as Christians, our discrimination as Christians, our Losses as Christians and we'd sure look stupid claiming the entire country as Christians too, like we look now when we say it's ours because we're "Assyrians" and it used to be Assyria so, "give it back to its rightful owners". Like it was ours from the beginning of Time. I mean, REALLY!!!

We'd still act the way we are today...whenever we land on a Christian country we still wouldn't create anything Assyrian...as we don't now. We'd still be in Phoenix raising five million for a Church...we'd still have storefornt churches all over and church "schools"...we'd still not have Aramaic language classes, we couldn't call them "Assyrian" language classses because the language spoken in Assyria would be Arabic.

And what about the Chaldeans? They'd be stuck with pasports saying "Assyrian" and that would be the end of one illustrious creer at least. There they'd be, stuck...like we are when our passports say "Iran" or "Syria" or "Turkey". And what of Assyrians born in those countries? How do they call themselves Assyrians when they weren't born in Assyria? They'd have to say "of Assyrian extraction...or descent".

And the Sanctions imposed on Assyria and the recent war against Assyria and the five millon dead Assyrian children and the thousands of murdered Assyrian parents and families and the "policy" of starving to death Assyrian children and the bombing and pollution of Assyria...how would that sit with Assyrians in the National Diapers? Why, just fine cause those would have all been suffered by Muslim Assyrians, dontcha know and Assyria, a dreaded Muslim country, probably had it coming anyway. And that's just the way it is now...with them all being Iraqis...cause what Christian Assyrian from Iraq, or anywhere else, gives a shit when it's a Muslim child that gets it? The only time a Christian Assyrian gets worked up is over the destruction of ruins...let all be ruined today, in front of his eyes and he won't blanch...in fact he'll cheer. But touch a three thousand year old column or mud hut and he gets all teary-eyed over "Assyria".

All of this...all of this AANF and AUA and Civic Club, all the soccer leagues and political clubs and ZOWAA and representatives to nothing we keep sending...it's all a Christian thing...has nothing Assyrian about it. So...what's in a name anyway? In our case, it's everything. Call Iraq Assyria instead and you've just taken the hot air out of many a lying, theiving Christian sail. The flag isn't the final hiding place of the scoundrel...god is. And it's all the easier when, on just a litle examination, you find that particular god to have been the greatest scoundrel of them all...and so of course are his followers who, as they never tire of telling us, were made in His im

-- farid
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