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Posted by farid from ( on Friday, August 22, 2003 at 1:33PM :

In their bounding pride you'd think modern Israelis were the descendants of the ancient Assyrians and not simpering, snivelling little old us. Not for their viciousness, that's their own from way back when they were slitting each other's bellies over their true god and slitting their children's throats as human sacrifices...something we never did. But for their insistance that they get everything they think they deserve and then some, coupled with their willingness to work long and hard, you'd think they were the heirs of Ashurbanipal, instead of us, and not of that rascally thief and brigand "king" David. Speaking of Hebrew kings and their kingdoms, Mark Twain, in his "Innocents Abroad", said the thing that struck him most about his visit to the Palestine was how small and insignificant were all the "kingdoms" back close to one another these kings were, one "kingdom" at every wide spot in the road...and how much of a piss warm stream the Jordan "River" was...See, Jews know how to make the most of the least a lot better than we do...they had to...learned that lesson long ago. We learned how to wind up with the least, after starting out with the most. And people were actually mad at them for not turning Christian? wind up with three whole pots to piss in like we did?

Our Christianity, the real kind if you must, is the get-your-ass-kicked strain and it could have been shoved out of the MidEast by a troop of Cub Scouts so light and airy a thing is it. The kick-ass kind of Christianity is just the Imperial Roman Empire Church in disguise. Who needs a cohort of centurians when a gaggle of "poverty-loving" priests will do ever so much better. Never did a vow of poverty lead to such immense wealth before. They were still siphoning off the world's riches to Rome, only with the blessings of the poor and defrauded this time. Everyone who says these aren't "real" Christians is right of course...but then which is be real and crucified or fake and do the crucifying...not much of a choice, I'll grant you, especially not for those who followed Ashur to the very top back when.

Ah well...

Look at the modern European, white Jews, laying claim to Palestine when there's no precedent or legal basis for such a thing...getting away with it and breaking every law known to humans. It's hardly surprising the United Nations has been morally bankrupt most of its life since it started its illustrious career by "partitioning" Palestine...which is another way of saying stealing the land by degrees. I don't believe for a minute in any all-powerful Jewish Lobby that controls the United States...not a bit. I can just hear those Protestant/Puritans sitting around saying "Let's use our own prejudice against them...give THEM the credit and let them earn the hate...we'll take the cash".

Jews have every moral and even legal right to Berlin, Warsaw and several other places whose Christian occupants tried to murder them all and steal everything they owned down to their teeth and hair...I know, I KNOW...those several millions weren't REAL Christians either. You'd think Christianity was made to order for charlatans, liars, phoney people of all hues, true hypocrites and blood-drinking, flesh-eating, lampshade making, soap fabricating savages.......hmmmm. But to come claiming a land they say they were kicked out of 2000 years ago because their "Holy Book Title Company" says their god gave it to them...come on...give us all a break will ya or, put another way, "just how stupid AND morally bankrupt do you have to be to be religious"?...especially as there were Jews already there and had been for those 2000 years and living quite well, thank you, beside their Muslim a lot better than they ever did with those white Christian neighbors of theirs.

And us? Why we helped them get it...and helped them wreck our own lands. We took on the religion they had sense enough not to and used it to disenfranchise us and our children through the centuries. No wonder we can't wait to cap this shame by dying out quickly and going to Heaven where we can look Yahwe in the face and thank him. What a surprise when we get there and find Ashur and he wants to know how come...and packs us off to hell where, by his own addmission, god belongs.

-- farid
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