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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, August 22, 2003 at 10:46PM :

This is not news, information, or anything, and unless you want those things, fair warning is for you not to read it...

Dirya was watering the garden, when his wife came out of the mud brick house. Under the swaying palm tree laden with dates, she handed Dirya his wet cloth. Wiping his face of sweat, he proceeded into his house, where supper had been prepared.

The sun was getting lower in the sky, and the grains were nearing their full growth for the season. Dirya wanted to save half of what he grew, and sell at least half of the rest, hoping there would not be too much spoilage.

Marys came over that evening, to eat with Dirya and wife. They sat at the simple wooden table, on the three small wooden stools with woven seats. Marys quickly reminded Dirya of the trip they were going to be making into town tomorrow. Dirya asked Marys if the power was working at his place.
"Oh, it is working, but we have to work on the generators because some or our neighbors are having problems with their electricity. It goes on and off for some reason, they do not know why."
Dirya, sitting calmly, gazing over his cup at some random spot on the wall of the room, asked how Marys' wife and kids were doing. Marys responded and told Dirya what his children had done in school today.

Dirya then told Marys about the trouble he was having with his garden, and maintaining it was becoming difficult and expensive.
"I saw two airplanes flying low, the other higher in the sky. I think they were F- 18's. I don't know. But they were flying low and they were loud. I think one of them hit one of the radio towers near the village, because some power went out in that village as well. I think they might have hit generators instead."

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