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Posted by farid from ? ( on Saturday, August 23, 2003 at 12:21PM :

That supreme court judge in Alabama has been suspended for refusing a Federal court order to remove the monument to the Ten Commandments at the State courthouse or somewhere there (I should scrawl the Ten Commandments on Shumirum). But the monument hasn`t been removed yet either. The judge will probably run for governor and then president of the United States Of God.

What shit-for-credentials you need these days for public office. It`s beyond being a joke. We`re being taken over by a rabble of theiving, low-down ignoramuses who use god to perfume their shit. That`s what he always was for any way.

Don`t tell me about the "real" ones either...your Aunt Nanajan would have been a decent person without St. Paul or Augustine. The "real" Christians are the ones they trot out to weep pentitently and reassure you with when the other ones get caught with their hands in Johnny`s pants.

There was no way for Bush to defy the United Nations that blatantly...not unless this was a campaign of Good vs Evil...because Evil isnīt a legal term...it`s a value judgement. We have laws...human laws, that do a very fine job of protecting us, maintaining public order and international peace...sort of.

But once you declare a CRUSADE...even if you take it back...you`ve just trumped all human laws because you`re appealing to that big thug up there...the one in whose name you can committ any damn crime you want to...no matter how heinous because you`re fighting "Evil"...and evil can just mean what you don`t like...really don`t like.

That`s why god has survived. Sure, out of every hundred kids introduced to God, twenty will save themselves by running away...another five won`t be hurt one way or the other because they`ve got their own inner armor and would be good and decent no matter what...they just like the hoopla and to-do. That leaves seventy-five soon-to-be-adults who just got the message that god talks to them...that he loves only them...that the rest of the people on earth are wrong, or worse...and that anything done in god`s name is okay by him and should be okay with your government too...if it`s a god fearing government...like He wants it to be.

Organized religion, the three sisters especially and among them, Christianity in particular, don`t have to work on everyone...they just have to get to that 75% and it`s enough...even 40% would do...and even less than that amount are running the show today because the rest of us are actually afraid we`re defying "God" when tell these fuckers to get lost.

This is the White Man`s Last Stand and he`s so desperate he`ll even embrace, at arms length, a Madeline Albright or a Powell or Uncle Tomas Clarence...he just can`t come out and say he`s terrified that that fucking US Constitution is going to be the means by which people of all sorts get equal justice and protect the environment from his rapacious god-given right to use up everything on the planet, so long as god gets his cut...he can`t say it openly so he invents and then creates, "Evil People" and Evil Religions and Evil Countries...all of them with Evil Children you`d be a fool to allow to grow up and breed some more...as the tree goes so goes the fruit...Sodom and Gomorrah, remember? And all of it so he can justify a plain old fashioned religious crusade or Pogrom.

-- farid
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