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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, August 23, 2003 at 2:17PM :

I never realized how much time I wasted watching Television until I quit it, cold turkey (with one exception, The Simpsons). Of course, everywhere you go there are televisions and every once in a while if I am walking by one I might sneak a glance, but I never actually sit down and watch TV at home. I just can't do it.

First of all, the "news" nowadays is such a pile of shit, I end up either laughing at it or getting a head ache. Between the "terror alert status" line at the bottom of the screen (are we at yellow alert, or blue-green alert, or fuschia?), the scrolling text at the top of the screen, and any of the other 7 things going on including ditzy talking heads, I can't make heads or tails of it (no pun intended). It's like they are speaking English, but some strange stupid dialect.

The "reality" TV shows are equally foolish. Whether someone's being voted off, married, voted on, married off, ...? I can't figure those out either.

Often I get into conversations with people who reference these pop culture shows...reality tv, or some mtv trivia about who is going out with whom or who "did" whom...and although at that moment I feel left out of the conversation, later I realize that I'm glad I have saved just a bit of my brain from those useless facts.

I just came back from a 3 day trip which included no radio or television, just CDs. When I came back home, I opened up my internet browser and read the headlines. Bombing in Iraq. Terror blah blah blah. Suicide bombing in Israel. Terror blah blah Muslim Al Qaida Ten Commandments blah. I shrugged my shoulders... who cares??!?!? I want to care.

Do yourselves a favor and turn off the TV. (Note: movies are OK)... turn off the Radio (unless it's public radio)... stop getting mind-fucked.

-- Jeff
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