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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, August 24, 2003 at 10:36PM :

The air around the wooded hills was damp, and the air slightly cool. Footsteps could be heard as the guerriala troops marched toward their destination. Airplanes could be heard overhead in the night sky, and occasionally orange flares would be dropped near the guerrilla positions and movements. This meant the Russians knew more or less where they were, and they had to move to a different location. After a while, they settled along some embankment on the dark hill. They smoked a little, and waited for word of an opportunity to strike the Russians.

Shortly, the leader came and said they were ready to move. So they each got up, with their assorted light assault rifles, and went toward their destination. It was not long before they began firing barrages against the Russian positions in the forest on the hill, and orange tracers started flying in all directions. After a ten minute exchange of fire, the Russians gained the upperhand, and although they had lost many troops, they rounded up the Afghan guerrillas and headed them off for prison. One of the Russian troops was yelled at for giving gauze to a wounded Afghan man, who had a bullet shot through his hand. The Afghan man had begged him for some gauze and the young soldier just could not ignore his plea. In the end, the Afghan man got no gauze for his wounded hand, and the Russian soldier was scuffled back to camp and slightly punished.

In the morning following the fight, helicopter gunships once again took to the mountain areas and headed for some villages. The Afghans on the mountainsides scurried for cover upon sighting the "helikopters." The gunships were searching for targets, and they were also charged with the order of destroying villages so that mass emigrations would occur, causing the Russian army to fight in a less populated area. Millions became refugee this way, but hundreds and thousands decided to fight the Russian aggression.

-- Alexander
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