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Posted by Alexander from ( on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 10:55PM :

In Reply to: For Scott - Re: Germany & Japan? posted by Sadie from D006219.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 10:45PM :

: : Iraq is not that much different than Germany. In fact, Saddam Hussein considered Adolf Hitler a "genius."

: xxx How do you know this as a fact? Did Saddam tell you this, himself, or is this something you learned from the U.S. media?

: : As for internal turmoil, Hitler heavy-handedly suppressed jews, gays, and anyone who did not buy into his Nazi vision, killing millions of his own country-men.

: xxx What I meant by internal turmoil had to do with the relative amount of nationalism in Germany vs. Iraq before WWII & the second U.S. attack against Iraq. Germany was strong, internally, because of the Nazi party, while Iraq had no such inner strength... esp. after the sanctions.

: : Saddam has heavy-handedly suppressed the shiites, kurds....and anyone who has not embraced his vision for Iraq.

: xxx This is because the CIA was backing revolts by these people. If someone tried to assassinate George W. Bush, I'm sure they'd end up dead or in prison for life, & if there was a whole group of people out for Bush's blood, they'd all be "taken care of," just as Saddam took care of anyone, any group, who was out for his blood. Saddam was a tolerable ruler for Iraq if one did NOT have political aspirations. If someone had political aspirations in Iraq - watch out. What dictator is friendly to his political opponents?

: : Both Germany and Iraq invaded their neigbors for the purpose of self-gain. Both countries have lost many soldiers, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers.

: xxx The U.S. government manipulated Iraq into fighting the Iran-Iraq War (for the U.S.) & attacking Kuwait (over oil). It's well documented.

: : Like Germany, Iraq has lived under a constant fear of it's ruler for many years......something very stressful to the inhabitants of such countries.

: xxx Well, I think the U.S.-UN imposed sanctions against Iraq had something to do with increasing the fear people had of Saddam. When people are so suppressed, they will blame & fear the man who looks like he's in charge.

: : I believe it will eventually embrace democracy
: : as well as Germany did.

: xxx Can I ask you why you think they don't already embrace democracy now? & what do you mean by "democracy"?

-- Alexander
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