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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 3:48PM :

In Reply to: Creating Spaces posted by Warrior Empress from ? ( on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 3:35PM :

: I think the importance of the Chaldean Women's Book Project is that of creating and defining a space of one's own.

***Just like Ginny Woolfe said...

: In a patriarchal class society, women's stories are hidden, forbidden or mocked. Reclaiming safe spaces to speak underlies the inentions of this fantastic project, and I wish them the best of luck.

: The term "sexist" has become an obscure term with an even vaguer meaning. Long are gone the 'feminist' ideals of "equality" because simply, all humans are not equal in every sense of the word. Humans do have underlying commonalities, but need, desire and expression varies so widely that certain spaces need to be reappropriated or manifested in order for full self expression and thus the awakening through realisation of humanity as a whole. We see this in no better an example than Guevara's "Socialism and Man" and in Cuban society today.

***I think equality under the law is all anyone`s enough. Of course people aren`t equal...look at BetBooHoo...he isnīt equal to much.

: I am deeply inspired by different people - be they artists, writers, activists or even the most humble of workers and peasants who grace us with sharing their knowledges and experiences.

: Discourse has a power creating quality and those who defy the silences imposed on them (through one such way of the term 'sexist') will allow the human spirit to evolve and (hopefully) revolt against the intellectual and spiritual imprisonment they encounter every day of their lives.

: Fauerbach argued that change comes about through the mental and intellectual realm. Marx ate up this idea by claiming action, progress and revolution can only allow freedom of thinking and (r)evolutions in thought.

: Women such as Barb and Iklas, who devote their time, energy and smarts to community projects such as these can only be encouraged. They are showing us that action and thought create change.

: I hope to read the work some day and truly wish the outcome will not assume Chaldean women as a homogenous entity, but as an ever-changing and dynamic one.

: Just a thought....

: The Empress xoxoxox

***Shit...I just KNOW in the end you`re going to be an accountant...or an engineer. Drat!

-- farid
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