Fairy Tale Dream 1997

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Posted by Sadie from D007153.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 10:49PM :

This is what I wrote after a dream many years ago.... It's for kids, & the events described in the story were true in the dream. : ) It's a bit silly...
There once was a girl who lived in an abusive household from which she longed to escape. She had an aunt named Matilda who especially hated her & threatened to kill her. One day, the girl realized that no one really loved her, not even her friends. When she went to breakfast, people ate all of the pancake syrup and left none for her; when it came time to watch a movie with her family, no one saved a seat for her. Instead, everyone grew angry that she took up so much space in their croweded household.

As the girl was wandering the halls of loneliness at Matilda's house one day, she noticed an eel lying in a pot, ready to be killed for dinner. Quickly, the girl grabbed the pot and took it with her, for in her heart, she loved this helpless creature. Was it not a part of creation, too?

The next morning, the girl stole away from the house and flung the eel into the sea with all her might, and then dove into the sea herself. She desired to swim to another land and to find a more loving world. The girl swam for days and days until she came upon a rock jutting up from the sea... but still no land! In her despair, she cried out, "How long until I can rest?"

A huge sea dragon arched his back in the water nearby as she clung to the rock in fear. It was the eel she had rescued! He had grown so much that he could have easily crushed her with a single fling of his tail!

"Do not worry, for it is I, the King of Eels. You once saved my life, and now I shall repay you. Follow my instructions: swim against the wind for the next three days, and then you will come upon a ship which will take you anywhere your heart desires." said the eel.

"Thank you so very much, Your Highness!" exclaimed the girl with much wonder, for this was the first act of compassion anyone had ever shown her. She followed the eel's instructions and came upon the empty ship. As she clambered aboard, the eel surfaced. He had followed her to make sure that she arrived safely; he knew she was too proud to accept more of his help.

The eel spoke, "Though the ship is empty, you can quickly learn to navigate it and reach any land."

"Thank you, again, King of Eels.... I love you!" she replied with all the truth of her soul. However, the eel had disappeared.

The girl, surveying the ship, noticed a handsome young man caught in the fishing net. Unbeknownst to the girl, the eel had gotten stuck in a fishing net trailing behind the ship, and the words "I love you" had caused the eel to transform. Quickly, the girl helped the man out of the net, as they both laughed in modest embarrassment. As their eyes met for the first time, the girl saw the ancient wisdom of the eel and all of the knowledge of the ages in the depths of his eyes. He felt the strength of a tiger in her heart and the love of nature in those windows to her soul and in the musical tones of her voice. Instantly, the two souls became best friends as they travelled the seas, searching for an island on which to live. And with the passage of time, the two beings fell into true love, their souls intertwined for eternity.

-- Sadie
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