Farid, besides your good looks,

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Posted by Sadie from D007197.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 2:07AM :

& I don't care to compare "intelligence" or whatever (because I probably think a lot of people are intelligent when you wouldn't, & vice versa).... BUT there is a fundamental difference between us, & I think this is why I won't fare so "badly" (as you put it) in life: I don't put up with asses, while you do. That's a HUGE difference, by Ashur.

I don't care what sex they are or what age, for that matter, if someone is an ass toward me, I just drop his/her acquaintance. You, on the other hand, would try to change that person. See, I'm not out to save anyone from his/herself. Fine, I'll save someone drowning or hit by a car, but if it's his/her attitude that needs adjusting, I just leave them alone. Life's hard enough to deal with; enter an ass, & you're in hell. I say, just drop the ass, & let someone else with an ego problem smash the hell out of the ass. It catches up to them eventually. Now... if I can't drop the ass, I will introduce the ass to my good friend Mo, who will make the ass understand that if the ass tries to mess with me, Mo will smash the ass for me. See? That's going to be the difference that will affect how our fates play out.... Of course, being devastatingly good looking like you probably attracts more asses to you than my freakish looks do for me.... Thank goodness for that! : ) But seriously, DROP the asses - let them be asses toward each other when they find each other or get smashed by people who like to do that. Don't try to change them - half the fun is watching them get smashed or cavort like donkeys with each other.

-- Sadie
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