One Nut Under Ashcroft

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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 1:13PM :

That judge in Alabama, the one starting his bid for the presidency, the one who thinks the US Constitution got it wrong...that Franklin, Jefferson, Washington were wild-eyed atheiests and sin-besotted firebrands, who neglected to put this nation "under god" enough...I bet if you look a little deeper into him you'd be surprised at some of the other beliefs, besides the Ten Commandments, this god of his holds dear. I'll bet the judge's politics just happen to say, "Thou shalt have no Freedom of Information Act"...and "Thou shalt have no EPA...thou shalt make no laws restricting the fouling of the earth, air and sea. In other words, the conservative agenda folds neatly into a coservative god which, just like them Hebrews of old, his adherents believe should become the Universal god...meaning shoved down the throat and up the arse of everyone in the Universe.

Democracy has been on earth before and it always gives way eventualy to Oligarchy, to rule by the few and wealthy and then to Tyrany...then to anarchy and back to democracy. We've got rule by the wealthy and thanks to television and the Lottery and Vegas and the Stock Market they've got us believing we somehow share in their wealth...because we can go into their homes and sort of rub electronic elbows with them, for one thing. And what did we just go through but a brief taste of Tyrany...but tyranny "under god", so it's supposed to be okay even, "better for you". The police across America violated legal and human rights with impunity...because god told them to...through Ashcroft.

Get set for more.

-- farid
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