Schwarzenneger`s Dic

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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, September 01, 2003 at 2:56PM :

I actually don`t care if he ever posed nude...fucked his mother or his dog. I`m not going to play the Republican game of disqualifying people or trashing them because they get blow-jobs while in office....and then take the holier-than-thou shitheads they put up as an "alternative"...a moral one no less.

What get`s lost in all this inannity are the policies of whoever has or hasn`t a dic. What do these people believe and what do they stand for...never mind what they do with their peckers. We´re getting sillier and sillier. When you go to buy a car do you care if the guy who assembled it, IF it was a guy...was gay or straight...weird or normal...what do you care? You are buying a car...therefore what concerns you are things that impact the car`s performance...AS A CAR and not as a chapel on wheels...or a bordello.

Yet when people shop for politicians they look to everything BUT what matters most...the word is there in the title..."policy". What will be the person`s policy...what will he or she do for our welfare and the benefit of the nation and its future...which is what our children will have to deal with.

Never mind the dic on the car...what`s its mileage and how does it handle...ahem.

-- farid
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