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Posted by Tiglath from ( on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 at 8:18AM :

In Reply to: Farid, Sadie & Co. posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon from ( on Monday, September 01, 2003 at 11:54PM :

Shlama Ashur,

I apologise for posting your Diclaration but please have a good think about it.
I speak pigeon-Arabic but you don't see me posting on an Arabic forum putting down our people from the Chaldean church.

The main point that upset me was not your English skills but the fact that you were putting down our people from our Chaldean church and posting it as a Diclaration to boot. I mean come on think about how politically divisive, not to mention grammaticcally flawed, that post would've looked to the outside world.

The fact is we have a religously based identity.
Our main groups are divided up into the Assyrian church and the Chaldean church. The recogngition of our people's identity as Assyrian-Chaldean means that we are at last united denominationally.

This is a positive move for us and we should not be against it especially since we Tkhumnaye in Hakkari joined the Chaldean hundreds of years before our people from Mosul ever did.

The only difference wss that we did a flip back to the so-called Assyrian church of the East, whilst the rest of our people stayed with the Chaldean church.

Now how about staying here with us and debating this issue using logic. You're a Tkhumnaya. We're famous for never retreating in the face of a challenge.

Nasha sura ganukh b'Surma!

Klee lakha u'Hamzim minee khucha.

Min Iqaree,
Tiglath Beth-Chibo
P.S. By the way I love your name Ashur Beth-Shlimon. I wish I had been given an Assyrian name and not a Jewish name like David.

-- Tiglath
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