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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 at 11:38AM :

In Reply to: Farid, Sadie & Co. posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon from ( on Monday, September 01, 2003 at 11:54PM :

: At outset, I never use your website which you people have all the right to setup the rules and regulations.

***We donīt have any...thatīs why there are so few like you here. Now why is it that people feel compelled to say they NEVER read us?

: My message recently and for the first time on this " web site " was addressed to Tiglath as a reaction to his comments which he made on this web site about what I posted on the Assyrian Discussion Forum over two months ago.

: It seems to me - according to your own statements- that you are well versed and good grammarians in the English language, but " KIDS " knowing a language is not enough in this day and age to succeed in our mission without having some ethics which unfortunately you people don't ehibit.

***It isnīt enough to call someone "sO-called" either as a way of demonstrating youīre superior...stick to the point...which is that there isnīt much you guys can handle and when you canīt, you always play the scoundrels by hiding behind your "superior" knowledge and tastes...refusing to dirty your hands with the likes of those who can twist you like a pretzel...intellectually and every other way.

***We are not exhibitionists. We just like kicking around ideas and the occasional Assyrian intellectual such as yourself who makes the mistake of leaving home without "it" whoīs been asking for it for so long we thought it impolite not to oblige...your "thoughts" invite would be rude of you not to accept it.

: Note: This is my last message on your web site and thank you very much!

***You canīt imagine how greived we are. This is no place for people who claim to be Assyrian then run for the hills. We can take on anyone, everyone knows Assyrians could and need a safe playpen with guards and locks, hidden away from the uprorious laughter youīd generate if the doors were thrown open. Youīre a Christian, maybe a closet stay there.

: Ashur Beth-Shlimon

farid you-bet

-- farid
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