Taking A Chance

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 at 7:05PM :

Taking a Chance...

Hey Lew. Your friends are coming around wanting money. Seems you stiffed them too and they're actully trying to get me to pay them so they'll grant me a pardon. Fuck you and them and their pardon. I don't need one...the court tossed the charge out and it wasn't appealed. They missed their chance...Chance...though I wouldn't have paid them anything anyway. That lawyer of yours even tried to get me to pay his fees for you.

A bottom feeder like yourself attracts the same...me included. But I had enough of that diet...these people you have around you can't get enough. Here's where it begins to hurt. Which of them is going to turn on you? You know...like you turned on me all of a sudden...and any number of other people before because you were in "survival mode"...and a bang up job you've done of it too. maybe you would have survived better had you not felt entitled to shaft people who'd helped you along the way because you enjoy breaking their faith and abusing them...makes you feel better at night when you and Celina compare notes on how well you screwed people that day.

Which of them will it be? Leslie and Robert have apparently sold or given away what can't be shoved into their car and are leaving the country for good...at least that's what they're saying, though this time others are telling the same story about them. The reason they give is that I have posted a $50,000 reward for you and they don't want to be subjected to all sorts of bounty hunters...so they're gettin out while the gettin is good.

That's a bunch of bull. I haven't done any such thing and you wouldn't fecth that much anyway...could get you for a lot less...a lot less. I think they're leaving because Leslie staked her entire reputation and all of her firndships, called in all her chits in the war she declared on my family...in your behalf. And it didn't work and she's the loser by it...she's the one now that can't hold her head up...that can't keep blaming the Mexican government and legal system for it's "failure" to provide justice to liars and theives and cheaters and escaped crimminals and dumb blondes too. You all GOT justice. The Mexicans did an exemplary job and you're getting that from someone who was thrown in jail by them. It's you and she and the rest of your posse no one believed...you GOT justice baby...you all did. The only one who didn't deserve any of it was Hurican. That should have been you instead.

Which one will it be?

-- farid
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