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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, September 02, 2003 at 7:07PM :

I have a problem making a place for "challenged" Assyrians. I don't care about Simele...I don't want to hear about the Diaspora one more time...I see red when Assyrians compare what we went through with the Holocaust...I cringe when they beg for pity trying to attach themselves symbolically if nothing else to everything from the sinking of the Custard's Lost Stands...and caring as little about how they spell as what they base their claims upon.

I've been subjected to the writings of this Beth-Shlimon fellow enough...enough without commenting. He is bombastic, overblown, wallows in pathos and mud and generally carries on like a house-a-fire, leaking and oozing hot smoke from in between all of his slats.

I still like the story about the Zulu leader who spoke to his people on the eve of their rebellion against the colonial Brits. He warned them that if they seriously intended to start the war...they had to separate into those who wanted war and those who didn't. And he made them do it too...having the two groups form on either side of him. Then he addressed those who'd opted for war, because that or total submission were the only choices the invading, theiving, robbing, bloody Brits allowed their own land. He said that if they were serious their first task was to kill those of their own people who didn't want war...because under those circumstances war would be distinctions could be made and as sure as Hell made Brits...some of their own people would sell them out when the going got tough...better be done with them themselves and the sooner the better.

Very wise counsel that...and I learned the wisdom of it when dealing with our own cannibals and head-hunters. No matter how Nationalistic or matter how much an Assyrian weeps for Nineveh, oh Nineveh...when push comes to shove and you need backing up the most...most of these people will turn on you...because you're "risking" their standing and their status...they're the house-niggers who are thrilled to be able to get that close to the white man...and think they are being valued and listened to and that any day now the man will redress their greivances, right their wrongs and clobber BetNahrain yet again and give it to them this time because they've been so "Good".

So I decided I'd make it as difficult as I could for anyone to even come near need to wait till a crisis...I'd make saying "hello" to me a crisis. With a lot of effort, a lot of baby oil, a lot of mollying and coddling I might have been able to be "friends" with an Aprim or a Hannah or a BetBasoo(puke) or a Ghassbag(vomit) or even a Nimrod(shit). But why? For what practical end? Just to have "friends"? To have them fawn all over me and paw me in return for my oozing all over them? Fuck 'em. If they need to be carried to the batlefield...if their swords have to be kept clean for them...if their equipment must be carried around and the sun kept from their eyes, and the food brought hot from Mama and the drinks cool and ready to hand...and if the battle must be scheduled at convenient hours that don't interfere with naps or diddling their hunnies...and if they take fright and run at the first sign of blood, anybody's but mostly their own...then what in Ashur's name does anyone need them for...if anybody wants to do something? These are comrades in arms...these are fellow warriors...these are fellow students? Not to me they are the impediments...they are the ones that weaken our cause, that set us back every time we would take a baby step out into the open.

And here comes Beth Shlimoon, girded and accoutered for war...braving this "web site" one last hurl defiance in our teeth before riding into the sunset...ride smack into Mama's kipti arms.

The rest of you can try to make a silk purse out these pigs' I'll save my efforts for those you can't SCARE away...for those who won't quit...who don't know the meaning of "no". Three of them will do more than three thousand of these other sots who think you are what you think you are and never have to put yourself to any test and like Jerusalem from anything that might test YOU.

-- farid
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