The Damning of Ashur

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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 at 12:01PM :

In reference to that damn dam. Letīs get some things sort of was never Saddamīs plan to build a dam there just to bury some ruins. Thatīs absurd given how much money and time and effort the Iraqi people have put into their heritage, uncovering it, protecting it and revering it. Thereīs no need to tell you who committed more acts of wanton destruction over there than any ten Saddams.

Dams provide water and people and children especially need clean water...theyīll take it dirty if they have to but prefer it clean...keeps away diseases as well. Someone bombed their water treatment facilities and their sewage treatment plants so there was a lot of disease around and nothing to wash it away with....and a lack of medicine was thrown in just for good measure.

It is not the Iraqis who were to blame for wanting water and taking it where they could get it... and you canīt fault them for placing clean water and the health and welfare of actual living people over rocks, stones and ruins...I donīt care how precious they might be on the Black Market.

They were complelled to do it by outside forces, not of their own free choice...especially as Turkey has been starving their rivers of water for some time. Who forces Americans, the richest people on earth, to foul their rivers and streams...who comples them to release raw sewage into rivers and along ocean fronts? Who makes them belch acids into the air and chemicals that heat the earth and ruin the forrests and blight the grasslands? Who? Is there a Saddam doing it? Is a foreign country enforcing these harsh conditions or are we doing it to ourselves and everyone else on the planet.

Thinking like this...believing every bit of nonsense youīre fed is what an Education is all comes from years of being made to perform inane tasks, listen to distortions and outright lies, answer pointless questions and learn one thing above all else...shut up and do as youīre told. That, coupled with the natural willingness of children to believe adult teachers and priests...especially those earnest, striving-to-please bright ones who WANT to trust and believe, can blight any mind. Donīt tell me education is failing in is a raging success...thatīs how you get here folks...thatīs how you blame a womanīs skirt for getting her raped and blame Iraqis for damning themselves...while the murdering rapist goes free to print up schoolbooks and educate the next batch of Innocents.

Answer this...Is Israel a settlement of the United States or an independant country? Has any "country" in history been LESS "independant"? Arenīt Israeli settlements a natural extension of what the entire country is, nothing short of a Settlement of the United States...from its inception...placed there, as are the smaller settlements, to deliberately foment retaliation...isnīt that the whole point behind the settlements, including the big one...Israel, itself?

-- farid
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