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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 at 5:51PM :

Now that Beth-Shlimoon has made the terrible mistake of leaving home, "without them"...I'm going to give him both barrels to teach him to never go out of his Assyrian nursery again. I'm fed up with poets and patriots and nationalists who know how to pour it on, when someone is looking. Anyone who thinks to express grat ideas with a pen dipped in treacle isn't going to get away with it any longer...not without a fight. These guys feel that no matter how ill-equipped, how lacking in raw talent or practised skill they are...if they just heave Ashur in or drag Nineveh over by her ears...they've achieved "art" for us, or at the least proven their "dedication".

Beth-Shlimoon is an engineer...a genetic disorder with us handed down from parent to child..or he's some kind of technician, which is a mutation. I have no doubt he'd like very much to be a writer...but I gots news for youse guys...writing is nothing more than thinking...caught. Language is definitely a most sublime tool...but it took sublime minds to invent it and it's best left in the hands of those who know what they're feeling before they take to using it. Don't get me wrong...everyone can and should much as they can and should think, preferably before they write...and their thought processes will be aided immeasurably if they have a goodly store of experience under their belt...NOT the kind that comes from getting your friggin degrees either. Sitting on your ass in a library broadens your ass...and not much else.

Just what is so awful about what goes on here? Where do these guys come off using their "manners" as the best proof they have of their...of their what???? Nationalism...Patriotism...Intellectualism...Historicalism...Braveryism..just why are good manners so important to Hanna and Peter and Beth-Shlimoon...ALL of whom have been as rude as hell to any number of people. ask? I'll tell you...because when all else fails them...when you refuse to buy one more half-baked Diclaration from them...and tell them so...even going so far as to point out the glaring flaws and gaping holes...they'll punch back at you with..."you are ill mannered"...and retire from the field as if they wouldn't deign to chastise you further or to defend their own positions...that they are above that sort of thing, unless you agree to be polite polite you might as well go to sleep.

These guys have never had their claim to being Assyrians, "because they say so, challengednd, never stood there face to face and given it their all. No...YOU are "rude" to even bring it Aprim and his famous "show me ONE document"...when he had no more than a few sheets of toilet paper patched together to cover his naked stupidity with. And to hear them insist thet THEY will be the ones to decide who is and who isn't Assyrian and give reasons why they KNOW all real Assyrians have to now be Jews first and that NO Muslim can be Assyrian once he stops believing in...who, Ashur...or Jesus...I mean the whole thing is stupid and being stupid is FUCKING RUDE! At least around here.

I say being fearless is Assyrian...I say being able to take anybody Assyrian...I say being polite where it's appreciated and Assyrian...I say kicking these people round the block when they venture out of Assria is Assyrian. Let them stay indoors...where it's safe and we won't have to trip over them while they're on their knees praying for salvation from the infamy they've heaped on this Heritage. It was Assyrians who made the monument of was the polite Assrians who blocked it. We have no one stopping us except people like Beth-Shlimoon who would keep "politeness" as the alpha and omega of being Assyrian. As I told Hanna..."YOU die politely..."!

You know...looking at Hanna's cartoons...I wonder...did his parents name him after Hanna-Barberra...the people who gave us the Flintstones?

-- farid
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