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Posted by Nineve from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 0:33AM :

In Reply to: Re: What did this guy do ??? posted by AssureHaddon from ( on Wednesday, September 03, 2003 at 11:36PM :

Oh ok ...Thank you for the explanation.

: The 20 years old anarchist was charged with distributing how to make malatov cocktails and other information on his website (

: Under a 1997 federal law championed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., it is illegal to publish such instructions with the intent that readers commit "a federal crime of violence."

: --------------------------------------------
: "They locked up sherman because he ran a website who's stated intent is to combat the government." That's incorrect. Sherman linked to a site, which he was hosting but was not affiliated with nor did he author. This was the web site that contained the "bomb making info". The information on this site was put up for the IMF world bank meetings. Again, Sherman didn't author any bit of this site. Now, if Sherman is being locked up because his intent was to combat the government, then how come the person who created and authored the site which the bomb making info was on, encouraging people to use it at IMF world bank protests, wasn't even touched?! The fact of the matter is if the point was to catch criminals ,or "intent", than the person who had the original site would be in jail, not Sherman. The issue was clearly not about what was posted; it was about taking Sherman and raisethefist down. It was about destroying something that was promoting free thought and expression. Here are the facts of the case:

: 1) The "explosives information" was on a separate web site that Sherman was not affiliated with.

: 2) Sherman did not author nor did he create this web site or the "explosives information".

: 3) The FBI knows Sherman did not author , nor did he create or implement the pages that dealt with explosives because they've already interviewed the kid who created the site and authored the explosives info. However, they continue to state Sherman implemented, authored, and created these pages on explosives.

: 4) Sherman merely posted a link on his web site to this separate web site. This is something internet users do every day. This is not unique, this is not a crime (or is it when they decide it is).

: 5) The FBI used the "explosives information" as an excuse to come after Sherman. The FBI didn't care about information on explosives being made available over the internet. There is detailed information on pipe bombs, grenades, napalm, TNT, dynamite, nuclear bombs, etc. readily available all over the internet. If someone were to build an explosive for illegal purposes they would not rely on You can go to and enter the word "explosives" to find detailed instructions on how to make a variety of incendiary devices.

: 6) Sherman is being used by the government to set an example.

: : The article doesn't seem to mention it or may be i missed it !

: :
: : :
: : : by Lupe and Shonowa Wednesday September 03, 2003 07:41 AM

: : :
: : : Sherman turned himself in to the marshals in room 394 of the Roybal building around11:30.

: : : More than 50 people were in attendance to see Sherman turn himself in with encouraging energy and an optimistic outlook. Even though the cops hassled a camera-man about recording the federal building by accident, the good vibes didn't end. They grew stronger…

: : : Sherman’s mother delivered a powerful speech. She expressed words of wisdom and strength to help Sherman enter prison with a good peace of mind knowing that people are behind him and will continue the struggle for justice while he's in. She also spoke loving words of his childhood and reflected upon his current situation. Sherman was assured there will be a fight for justice in his case.

: : : Her passionate words of inspiration were encouraging for people to stand up for their rights and not become intimidated. Injustices of this country and of the world need to be exposed, SILENCE IS DEFEAT.

: : : Everyone stood in solidarity with their fists raised high in the air, while a close friend of the family eloquently delivered another emotional statement about staying strong on situations like Sherman’s or any other struggles against oppression.

: : : Though tears filled the eyes of many faces, Sherman's smile kept glowing throughout the rally and at the door of room 394 where he turned himself in. Receiving many hugs and words of courage from supporters and loved one’s; he waved goodbye as the marshal took him in and Sherman assured HE”LL BE BACK.

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