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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 12:50PM :

In Reply to: IRAQ - GEORGE W. BUSH'S "VIETNAM"? posted by AssureHaddon from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 0:00AM :

But it doesn´t matter. We´re the ones who think this is a game with two sides, like a sporting event in which each side wants desperately to win...what we fail to realize is that both sides are ONE SIDE and are winning and winning all the time...that corporations give donations to both sides...and why the hell wouldn´t they? Who today has a "position" or a ¨"belief" that isn´t for sale? Which politician puts on his or even her jersey with an aim to "win one for the Gipper"?

Vietnam came and went...millions died and people got rich...years later Iraq came and made people even richer...and years from now some other demon will be fabricated...unless we get a real one that´s finally fed up with us and our demonizing ways...and one "side" or the other will be off and running. Vietnam was brought to us by the Democrats...whatever they are...Grenada and Iraq by the Republicans...and just who are they anyway? Why...they are ALL us!!!

WE are the ones who can´t get enough...we are the ones who need to rob and kill, first other people and then our foul the air and sky and water and land our own children must inherit...we are the ones who´ve learned to call this "living"...even the GOOD LIFE.

Bush could give a damn if he wins or not...there´s no money left in the Treasury anyway and the "loans" have all been taken out...all he and his people have to do now is lay by the pool and collect interest...corporations are fat to exploding, no matter what they "reveal"...and everyone needs to digest his ill-gotten gains till we build up our cash reserves again...which is what the Democrats are for...they come in and "TAX" so the coffers will fill again...they give you some medical care so you´ll be able to work longer and harder and sock away more in the Treasury and spend more in the stores...and FEEL better about yourselves and the prospects for the furure...until the kitty´s full to bursting at which time the "other" team sweeps in against a "surprisingly weak candidate" from the "opposition"...and the whole thing goes through its other cycle.

hasta la vista baby.

-- farid
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