What´s With All The Polite Shit Anyway?

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 1:10PM :

If I´m not mistaken when Jackie explained to someone who asked her, very politely asked her, why I was being banned from the San Jose convention by her, her response was that I was rude and impolite. The analogy she used was of inviting someone "into your home" and would you repeat the invitation if the person turned out to be rude and uncouth.

I assume she was referring to the Chicago convention of the previous year...since San Jose was yet to happen. And what "rude" acts did I commit in Chicago? I took the precaution of making sure that I had a written committment, this time, allowing me the place to show my sculpture. I worked long and hard and paid from me own pocket to prepare several sculptures to show the good people coming from around the world...I even went so far as to print up the true story behind the lies people were being fed by Nimrod as to what was happening with the Shumirum, even to using quotes from his own letters and from those of Michael Lash, director for Public Art in Chicago.

The only rude thing I did was refuse to be intimidated by those jackasses, who were themselves most rude and uncouth and impolite...as the Hotel security chief and the precinct police captain made clear in their responses to them...while they treated me with the utmost civility...the hotel security chief even extending his hand the last time I saw him and telling me I´d handled the situation "beautifully". I was even so polite as to agree to drop charges for the threats made against me in order to accomodate Alladin Khmis, another leader of ours, with two whole gas stations to his credit.

I think, in the Assria of Jackie Bejan and Nimrod and the rest of them, it is rude to stand up for yourself...it is rude to point out that Jackie´s ass is leaking all over Nimrod´s head...that Golani should remove his head from his own ass and all of them put their genitals to their proper use.

Being "rude" has become the final accusation of the coward. As I recall that intrepid female reporter, was it Helen something...was placed in the back of the room at White House press conferences with a dunces cap on for all I know, because she had been so "rude" as to ask that Presidential Schmuck a direct question...which was rude because it caused his pants to drop thereby revealing his arse...which is indeed rude...but she got the blame for it and was banished...so she doesn´t infect the rest of us with her impolite directness in the future.

In just such a way has "rudeness" become the excuse of choice, for Jackie as well as the Ghassbag, Hanna, Peter and now this Beth-Shlimoon fellow...as their one last and final attempt to silence opposition and keep Assria pure and purely dumb...so they won´t be inconvenienced...cause it´s RUDE to inconvenience them.

-- farid
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