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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 1:23PM :

In Reply to: AGAINST SCHOOL posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 1:04PM :

I have to take this back to the ranch to savor it...takes too long sitting here in town...but I glanced over it quickly, as we really smart people do sometimes...and recognized a kindred spirit...amen brother.

There is a document from old old Massachusettes in which the town fathers are seen to be lamenting the fact that their community is growing too fast with all sorts of "strange people" coming from all sorts of "strange places" and how, as they are still in the dominant majority for the time being, they had best set up a school...not to teach mind you, but to teach the proper way to be a citizen of THEIR world.

School is nothing more than that...the shred and scraps of real "information" you glean can be got in three months...if you care to. The whole point is to bore the beejayzus out of children...get them used to performing silly, boring they´ll be fit for society when they grow up to communte for hours on their way to the Poor House...poverty stricken in EVERY sense of the word.

Okay...not EVERYBODY...but YOU go swimming in a pool where NOT EVERYBODY shits in the water and see how much pleasure clean little, smart little, proper little ole you gets from it.

This place not yet being safe for them, my children are in the States...attending public school...and I am in the envious position of writing to them daily telling them to watch innoculate not take any of talk back whenever they please...and to always remember that school exists to make you stupid...and those who escape that fate did it inspite of school...not because of it. They are the few who used the school and didn´t allow it to use them.

School is a business...that´s all. They get paid per heads of cattle coming through the chute. They could care less how brilliant or capable you are...that doesn´t pay their bills...your body in that seat is what they need...the hell with your mind and spirit.

It is the most dangerous place, next to can put a kid...and DON´T tell me about Ms Thrump and how good she was to you and how much fun she made algebra...THAT is not the function of school at is an accidental byproduct and if Ms Thrump takes her job too seriously and should object one day to a budget cut that leaves you out...she´ll find herself replaced quickly.´re worth all the trouble. I´ll send this to my kids to take on "Show and Fuck You Day".

-- farid
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