This guy has no clue what its all really abou

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 6:27PM :

t... is he really that naive?
I am afraid so, and I expected no better...
Read on:(i have a comment at the bottom)

From AINA:
Hanna Hajjar writes:
Yesterday the USA approached the UN to broaden the coalition forces, they are in need of at least 20,000 soldiers in Iraq.

They are hoping to get Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Jordan involved.

Here is the problem:

Pakistan although is an ally to the US, yet they had not solved the Moslem fundamentalist problem in their country and Al-Qaida still operates there. They need to solve their problems before they tackle someone else's. and being a Sunni Moslem state will sympathize with Sunni Arab, Kurds, and Turkmen.

Turkey, has its own agenda of having dreams of the Province of Mosul, and is an indirectly invovled in Iraqi through the ethnic Turkmen, and therefore will sympathize with Turkmen.

Jordan is also indirectly involved since it is an Arab country and will sympathize with the Sunni Arabs. Additionally the Hashemite family ruled Iraq under Faisal, and it was that same King Faisal who massacred Assyrians in Simele in 1933. Therefore Jordanian participation will flare up old Assyrian wounds.

Bangladesh is a Sunni Moslem state and therefore will sympathize with Sunni Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.

India might be the best selection if they decide to come because it has a mixture of all ethnic groups and consequently could be more neutral, it has Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Moslems, and Christians, and thus it would be even handed.

However I donít think that the help of above countries are needed, because if the issue is only 20,000, why not lobby for 20,000 Assyrians to be the core of the Iraqi army, after all the USA is looking for Iraqi soldiers, a 20,000 Assyrian army can do miracles in Iraq. The proof is very simple: during the British mandate after WWI the Assyrian Levis were the ones who established law and order in Iraq, and this is what is needed now.

If Turkish, Arab soldiers are welcome in Iraq, why not Assyrian soldiers too?

20,000 well armed and well trained Assyria soldiers would solve the USA problem in Iraq.

Let's lobby for that.

Hanna Hajjar

(the USA problem?Hmmm, I think I know the problem- that theyre invading another country, so two points I bring:
1)Are assyrians to be considered aides in an aggressor nations goals to destroy their own "assyria" and
2)There is no USA problem like Hanna thinks, instead, as we all know, the US wants no peace nor Iraqi army, it wants to manipulate the socalled amry of iraq it wants to build, and it needs nations who want to make money off of it as well, like Poland and others, and it has nothing to do with stability, other than reducing the number of US casualties at the expense of others'.)

-- Alexander
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