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Posted by Alexander from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 10:46PM :

In Reply to: Now this was hilarious posted by Alexander from ( on Thursday, September 04, 2003 at 10:46PM :

: >Mother Assyria

: ***Widow Assyria

: >Peter Pnuel BetBasoo

: ***Peter the Pneumatic, The Rabid and Vapid BetBoohoo

: >December 2, 1997 A.D. (6747 A.Y.)

: ****Oy Vey

: >
: >Where a tigress roams
: >Next to a river of plentitude
: >Where a Mediterranean wind

: ***Check again, the wind comes from somewhere further south.

: >Rocks the cradle of civilization
: >Where a seed was sown

: ***Do you know about that sort of thing?

: >And a harvest for eternity
: >Where a bull pulled a plow
: >And changed the scape of land

: ***Oh in LANDSCAPE????

: >Where a word was written
: >And a history begun
: >Where a man sought immortality
: >Only to find his humanity
: >Where a star was counted
: >And a heaven measured
: >Where a second was reckoned
: >And an hour defined
: >Where a wonder of the world
: >Hangs forever in memory
: >Where a glass first magnified
: >And a hidden world appeared
: >Where a king arose
: >To be a king of kings

: ****Wrong country Bub...that was Israel and he sure missed a lot of people...much to their relief.

: >Where an iron sword
: >Brought light to savage lands

: ****No no no...mixed metaphor you dim wit...swords donīt "shed light"...they shed blood.

: >Where a scholarly ruler
: >Built a house of knowledge
: >Where twelve wise men
: >Followed a shining star

: ***Another instance where Assyrians had nothing better to do than leave their responsibilities behind to look up a manger...Ashur forgive them for they donīt know anything.

: >Where a word from the Son
: >Was brought to millions

: ***And shoved down their throuts by Roman swords and then Jesuit swords from Ireland to the Florida Keys to Patagonia to Wyoming to Africa where countless millions died...where King Leopold of Belgium, for the glory of Christ, cut off the hands of those who could not pay his "taxes". You should be ashamed to align the Assyrian people who were civilized well before the Jews who gave you Christ were sacrificing their first born sons and practising ritual male and female prostitution when not diddling their daughters. The idea that we gained any legitimacy after turning Christian BY turning Christian is the greatest slander against our Heritage of all. You merely use this sop to play up to the Christian West you hope will kill Muslims for you and hand you the cemetary you want made of this land you extol with your excecrable verses...just pin the word "Assyrian" on it and you thought people would buy it...take a lesson from Janis Joplin who said, " If I canīt sell it, gonna keep right on sitting on it...NEVER catch me givin it away"
: .
: >From ashes to glory
: >From glory to ashes

: ***The United States military will see to that.

: >You have lived and died
: >You have died and lived

: ***Not all backwards talking poetry is...

: >From the beginning of time
: >To the end of time
: >Glory to your people!
: >Glory to your name!

: ***Up yours. You have about as much interest in either as you do poetry. The name yes...because whatīs in a call yourself a poet donīt you? Why not call yourself an Assyrian as well. We can see how well you do either.

-- Alexander
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