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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-32.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 12:36PM :

note: How often do you think Jackie wishes she'd never started this war? It would have all blown over two years ago...but suing, especially suing Jeff, just means a rehash now, when everyone thought it was safe to go in the water.

Those of you with delicate sensibilities are being warned ahead of time that in the weeks to come, as we approach the arbitration hearing over Jackie Bejan's two million dollar lawsuit for defecation on her cunt, that from time to time there will be some comments made by the defecator regarding the character and the lack thereof of the defecatee. If Shawn tries to get the plug pulled then we just switch over to one of several other countries and really let them have it...including Shawn. See the internet is, among other things, the Great Leveller. It's the place where you don't need a lawyer to have your day in court...in an international court no less. If you're the sort that wants to tell lies, to your lawyer or on the internet...there isn't much can be done about it either way. Fortunately in mine there's no need for me to lie...the truth is damning enough for my purposes...I'm not out to get any monetary award for damages sustained etc and well, I don't need to lie...it's that simple.

Because Jackie considered me rude at the Chicago convention and then because I refused to be so polite as to go down on her...she took it out on my children. I mean making sculpture isn't a hobby with me...like being leaders of Assyria is with Jackie, or being a poet is with Alphonse Odishoo or being a writer/hysterian is with Aprim. All of these people are dedicated to "other things"...the things that really count with them, the things that earn them their cars and houses and jewelry and watches and jewelry and shoes and jewelry...what they "bleed tears over"...dear Nineveh, is just a part-time hobby to spice up some incredibly dull lives...to give them someplace to shine...by their lights.

What Jackie and Golani and the rest failed to take into account was that for this rudeness of mine, they retaliated out of all proportion...they struck back in such a way as to seriously undermine the well being of my children...not an Assyrian thing to do, one would hope...but most definitely the Christian thing to do...and by REAL Christians whose entire religion is based on sacrificing the most innocent..."for profit". You have to admit that if heaven existed and you could buy your way in for cold hard cash...you'd have to make a lot of it...a lot of "profit", to enable you to get in...so these people will scrifice the innocent for gain. That's what Jackie did. If you threw Alphonse off the stage before he could open his mouth, you wouldn't be harming anything...in fact you'd be upgrading us considerably. Same with Jackie or Golani or Nimrod...they're no loss to anyone...maybe Jackie, but then only for the money she freely spends to buy some people's good opinion of her. I've seen her naked...there isn't much there.

Not only did they hurt my children, they hurt other of our children who could desperately use more than Jackie's money, Odishoo's poetry or Golani's artisitc sensibilities. The loss of any Assyrian capable and more that, willing, to risk his or her financial well-being for the benefit of us all is not something that comes along every day...to be taken lightly. In my case it wasn't a hobby with me...which means in practical terms it was what Jackie's day job and Alphonses' and Golanis is to them...the means by which we put food on the table and a roof over our family's heads. As rude as I am, I can't imagine the circumstances under which I would do anything to rob Christopher of his Christmas presents not to mention his food and clothing. I can't imagine what Jackie would do, or Golani that would make me want to include their innocent children in any retaliation. Not even the Mafia stoops so low.

I didn't write to Jackie's customers in Silicon Valley and tell them what a creep she is for thinking with her crotch...for trying to seduce a married man...for suggesting she take him away with her on a little junket. I couldn't even bring myself to write to Ford Motor Company, to Golani's boss and tell them how little I appreciated their making the plant and employees available to that idiot so he could deface my sculpture, "as he saw fit". I didn't do it because it would have repprecussions that could harm his children. That thought didn't phase them when Janey Golani told me not to worry, that she had several donors for the Hammurabi and I should just take my family and get away from Jackie's mess, go to Mexico and concentrate on the monument and I believed her...never suspecting that when I arrived here they would hit me with a "contract" I would have to sign...a little trick that in a regular business transaction might not be so bad...but again, they reached out to harm my children. This was no time to hang a contract over my head...it was all my money anyway...I wasn't getting an extra dime out of it...I'd be as broke and exhausted after it was completed as I was after the Ashurbanipal...and all of it to put a monument in THEIR city.

Whether they actually sit around wondering..."how best can we hurt this person and drag down as many of his or her family as possible"...or whether it just happens that way because they still can't conceive...or don't want to accept the fact that there are indeed professional ways to foster and promote this Heritage and that means people get paid for doing Assyrian work...that it can be their full time job...and when you risk that job for them...it's the same as getting them fired from Ford...or spreading gossip among ther customers.

Maybe it's just their way of refusing to concede the point...the need for professional attention for this sick and ailing Heritage...like they'd get for an injured child of theirs...the very best that money can buy. Or maybe they deliberately try to quash any move in that direction because it means markedly higher standards and expectations which will in time make their services, such as they are, inadequate and obviousdly so...for the first time in our dismal modern history we'll have some alternative...something else to choose from...and that's what made them do what they did...once again thinking and working only to maintain their own positions...and in fact, the further down the rest of us slide...the even easier task it becomes for them to "lead" us. And they won't stop till their "job" is finished...you figure out what that task is...what it REALLY is.

-- farid
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