Our Silly Religion

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-32.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 12:36PM :

Walter Waw Alap is a dear fellow whom I respect greatly for all he's endured and done to try to provide us with some quality representations of our own heritage so we don't have to buy everything from the Jews. And I know whereof I speak...having tried the same thing and been there with him on several occasions when people have made a point of treating him badly for it...like the time in Los Angeles one of our asshole leaders accused Walter, right in front of the hotel people, of having stolen his own merchandise in order to make a false claim...to curry favor with the white security people at the hotel...like see..."SEE how I'll turn on my own...that's how safe and dear to you I should be...can I please have your land". I had such an urge to slap him across the face. I've made Walter angry and hurt his feelings...but he's a big boy and especially if he insists he's a proud Assyrian, inspite of his Jew religion...he can take it.

I chuckle yet when I recall a converstaion at our house when I asked him to please pray in the bathroom from then on...that such carryings on, mumbling to oneself, scared the children. He never visited or ate with me again...he did once sit with us at a restaurant but refused to eat...because he'd have to mumble to Yahwe...and he's too proud of being Assyrian to skip the chance of addressing himself to that Jew Lord of his. But...I'm the forgiving sort so I hold no grudges.

Before all of this however, we were once talking about religions in general and I said something like, "what was so bad about ours that we had to abandon it...especially considering that when we gave it up...the Jews were every bit as silly as you might think we were." he laughed increduously and replied..."what...you really want us to pray to Ishtar now"??? He said it like there couldn't be anything stupider in the world. This from a guy who believes St Peter had 34 elbows and St John 56 thumbs...as you can see venerated and revered in gaudy Churches and basilicas all over Europe. OUR religion was silly?

you fill in the rest.

-- farid
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