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Posted by farid from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 1:50PM :

In Reply to: holy JesusChristo! posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 1:01PM :

When I swindle or screew someone, I don't mess around...ask Jackie. Why do you think she was after me?

See, I called "our pal" from down there because it was a deal so good it was worth the risk. The ejidal community didn't yet have clear title to the land from the Mexican government...but they believed they'd get it soon and they needed the money to fix up their they offered really good prices...with the risk spelled out. To soften the blow they gave me a document saying they'd pay me back, how I don't know, if things went wrong.

Had they had clear title to the would have cost thousands and thousands more to buy the land and it wouldn't even have been on the market. I never called Lincoln of Jackie because I wasn't about to get them case something went wrong...ahem. On our return, when Lincoln found out about it he got pissed at ME...said I should have called him too. Then he insisted I act the part of go-between for his own purchases...another fatal error...but how was I supposed to know what I found out later...I figured they were both decent people.

When the company from Guadalajara showed up with a valid prior claim to the land, I fugured we'd gambled and lost and at first Lincoln took it the same way...even though I insisted I'd reimburse them with a sculpture of equal or greater value. It was only later...when Jackie had to go begging elsewhere that she concocted the land swindle charge...what else?

They wrote it off on their taxes and I wrote them off. next thing I know, a year later and the company, afraid of getting machettes in their backs decide they don't need 30% of the land...which happens to include the it's MINE!

-- farid
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