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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 4:55PM :

In Reply to: "that is me's" response..... posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 4:55PM :

>ur logic is full of it....
***Thank you.
>if that is the case then the Arabs of Makka and Madina who became Moslems cannot call themselves today Arabs

***Not everyone born in Arabia is a Moslem...there are Christian and Jewish Arabs. Anyone born in what used to be Assyria...of Assyrian or whatever stock...can be Assyrian...their religion has nothing to do with it.
.... and the Persians who left Zoroastrian religion and became Moslems cannot today say that they are Persians
***You are making my argument for me...I donīt need the help, but thank you for trying. Anyone born a Persian, is a matter what the religion...Persia was a country...Zoroastrianism is a religion. If you switch from Zoroastrianism to Judaism, you are no longer a Zoroastrian...but you can be a Perisan. If you switch from the religion of Ashur to the religion of Reformed Judaism, known as are no longer a follower of Ashur...but you can still be Assyrian...and if you are Assyrian, you are smart enough to know that Iraq will never give anything to Assyrians, Kurds or Germans...unless it is taken from them by force, and kept that way. And you wont make a pest and ass of yourself by demanding and whining about your "rights"...thereby screwing things up for all of us Assyrians living in Iraq who donīt particularly want to make an issue of your religious squabbles.
....and the Greeks who left their original pagan and became Christians cannot say today that they are Greeks.

***Greece is a is not a religion. And just like Assyrians...the Greeks were not originally Christians...they were Greek first, and Christians much later. You can be any religion you want and still be Greek...just as you can be any religion you want to and be Assyrian. The really real Assyrian will be the one who keeps the original religion of the original Assyrians. But Assyrians were broadminded people, and we dont hold grudges...if you think you are better served by Yahweh...go ahead. We will still accept you as an Assyrian...just donīt work against us and only for the religion of Yahweh.
>Do u know what u r saying?????
***Of course I do...Iīm the one saying it. You seem a bit confused though.

-- Alexander
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