Fred's humorless response

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 5:00PM :

In Reply to: Ashur's response(this is funny) posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 05, 2003 at 4:59PM :

>Well, Panch isn't aramean....He really does exist...So that would be an oxymoron....And aramean...ur just a moron.

***This is getting guys keep writing like this and I might just go away for good. The best you can manage as an "attack" to shoot yourselves in the foot and hope to drown someone in your own blood. This is painfully humiliating...and this is exactly what we need. For far too long guys like you have scared many of us away...those of us who were capable and eager to make a place for ourselves in the rest of the world. You made being Assyrian so damn awkward, many of us swore we´d never mention it to anyone.

We left the palace that Ashur built for us to be taken over by the servants in the basement and garage and in the garden...seeing us all gone you guys took to coming upstairs where you sprawled all over the furniture...scratched the marble, wrote your demands for higher pay along the walls and generally defaced all the wealth you´d never been worthy of to begin with.

It isn´t your fault...any vandal would do the same. It was OUR fault for not remaining and keeping you downstairs where you belonged...until you learned to eat with a knife and fork and wipe your bottoms with something besides your sleeves. I can understand that it´s unpleasant to contemplate being put back where you belong...that you´ve become accustomed to living among the ruins...with trips down to the pawnshop where you´ve traded away the treasures of Ashur for gilded lead and chewing gum.

Get used to it.

-- Alexander
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