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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon from ( on Saturday, September 06, 2003 at 0:37AM :

Dear all:

Even though there are very few people who are contributing here- Parad's web site -because this abnormal person fled after using many fake names on the other Assyrian Discussion Forums, so now he got his own.

I am very sure even this one there are a very few people who are posting the rest are MR.PANCHO ( Fred ) as one time called himself and now is farid and other names for sure to make his web site very important.

In any event I will say to those few people the following:

> I never met in person this gentleman and never have any contact with him.

> I never did any harm and will not do.

> The only contact I did have as other Assyrians have on the Assyrian Discussion Forums where I gave my ideas as he did himself. If he is not satisfied with my ideas, he is free to do so, and in the same time I am free to express my ideas.

Finally, I will say ENOUGH is ENOUGH , and obliged to state the following:

Mr. Parhad you better SMILE where everyone will SMIL with you, but IF YOU BARK sorry YOU WILL BE BARKING ALONE DAY and NIGHT.
You are a moran and sickman .

Ashur Beth-Shlimon

-- Ashur Beth-Shlimon
-- signature .

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