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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon from ( on Saturday, September 06, 2003 at 11:44PM :

In Reply to: When Fled Fled posted by farid from ( on Saturday, September 06, 2003 at 8:43PM :

: Beth-Shlimoon...look, I know you think it's a silly affectation to insist the guy doesn't know how to spell his own name, but he doesn't. He wants you to say "Moon"...but spells it "Mon" in, "Ey Mon...como esta su puta? Paul Younan is another one who can't spell...his bible comes out a silent fart..."Pisheeta"...instead of being phonetically spelled as, "Pshutta"...that's what kind of material we have to work with...anyway Beth-Shlimoon and some others were instrumental in getting me banned from all of Firas told me...before he decided to stay "Jatou"...he'd received "several" phone calls from people saying that if I wasn't kept off they'd take their incomprehensible repititions elsewhere...or worse yet...keep them to themselves.

: I only started our own thingie because the rest of them were acting like such a bunch of nincompoops...coming to a Democracy complaining about tyrants and a lack of freedom of speech and the rest of it and then taking the first chance they got to do the same. I'd far prefer we were able to all have one forum...and learn to give and take without continuing this dismal splitting up into a multiplying number of nations and clubs and churches each made up of three Patriots and a dog.

: We should be able to take each other on first of all and then anybody else. But as with the Ross thing...Hanna and the boys refused to participate because, what had I ever done for THEM! We're like an aspiring professional boxer who refuses to meet this one because he's too tall, that one because he's a Protestant, the other one because he punches too hard...and he won't fight with Muslims or Arabs and doesn't even want to THINK about getting in the ring with Kneegrows...but wants you all to come watch him what? Shadowbox? And that's us...fighting shadows against a wonder we don't want anyone to know we exist...who could stand that sort of public humiliation. Which is why the Beth-Shlimoons and BetBooHoos want this whole thing to stay amateur...why they hate me because I "made money" at it, where they couldn't begin to think of such a thing...showing us there were people among us with perhaps a frustrated desire to be given the CHANCE to spend their money on something of quality...not something Peter can't give away and then to compensate comes yelping at me for being mercenary...when he's the money grubbing one.

: There wasn't a one of them who could argue, dispute even fight like a sane person. Every one of them committed ten times what they accused me of. It's what they're used to...sliming people and insulting them and their parentage as a sure fire way to get any noncomformist to concede and retreat. That's why I came on the way I did...if they dared try that with me I'd split their skulls...and I did, till they ran for cover...hurling "threats" over their shoulders as they ran inside and bolted the door and dove under the bed of Assria.

: his credit...Bet-Shlimoon is willing to risk life and limb to post if he'd just take that self-righteous poker out of his arse maybe we could talk about something worthwhile...NAH!

-- Ashur Beth-Shlimon
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