One Jar of Persian, please......

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, September 07, 2003 at 3:39AM :

"One Jar of Persian, please....."

From an Indian tale, from a book I read once, in Engish....

My version of the story....

During the Persian occupation in Afghanistan, many years ago, there were village in what is today Pakistan, and these villages were just within the domain of the Persian-ruled lands.
So, in wanting to be able to speak the Persian language, these five foolish Indians get together, and decide to send one of their villages off to learn Persian, so they may learn to speak with the Persian officials. Well, they decided to send one man, lets call him Ghandi.

He went off to Afghanistan, walking through villages and trails. Eventually he came upon a Persian, and in broken speech, was able to ask if he could buy some Persian from him. The Persian, wanting to have a joke and take this poor fool for a ride as well, said to him, "Of course, I have lots of Persian to sell." Look, take this jar here, and do not open it till you are in a dark room with all your friends. Only then, will you truly understand Persian."
So, happily as could be, the Indian fool made off to his village again, and told all the villagers he had bought a jar of Persian. Well, when they went into the room, dark as it was, and opened the jar, out came many insects that started to bite and sting them. They ran out of the house, and never again did they want to learn the Persian tongue.

(This story's not that funny, but its one of the shorter ones that I could think of.)

-- Alexander
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