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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon from ( on Sunday, September 07, 2003 at 2:42PM :

In Reply to: Same Place You Get Yours posted by Mr Parhad from ( on Sunday, September 07, 2003 at 12:49PM :

: : Mr. Parhad for GOD' sake where you came up with such lies that I asked Mr. Firas Jatou to ban you?

: +++Okay I exagerated a little.

: In any event Mr. Jatou is alive and I challenge you that you are making up the story, if I did that you should know I will stand by what I said, but you should trust me that I NEVER DID SUCH THING not against YOU but against anyone else.

: ++++No, you didn' far as I know. See what an honest type person I am? I could have gone on insisting, then you would have dragged Firas out of bed...we'd have threatened lawsuits...Ghassbag would run a whole thread on stupid Assyrians and we would have had an international crisis...instead like a lying gentleman...I addmitted I made it up.

: : Then, I am free how to write my name, did I said why you are JUMPING from one name to another ? I never did that, I think you better correct the English Speaking people to write SOLOMON as you are trying to correct me to be SOLOMOON !!!!

:'s hard enough understanding you at the best of times...if you're going to leave people to make guesses about what you mean you have to bear with us...I don't JUMP from names...I pick and choose for the fun of it. I can "disguise" myself as you or Aprim or BooHoo anytime I want to...or anyone else. None of you can imitate me...go and ponder that, but before you do...everyone knows who I am...I've hardly been shy about. For FUN...get it?

: +++Well how the hell DO you pronounce your name? Are you Beth-ShliMON or MOON? If you're apologies.

: : I NEED one final answer from you because you are very prudent and that IS what are the things you make mistak or in another word you never make any mistakes ?

: +++I make all sorts of mistakes trying to understand what you're saying...this is not to knock your language skills...I'm sure you speak more languages better than I do...but English isn't one of them and you're stuck having to build palaces with mud. It's silly to ask someone if they make mistakes...who claims to be perfect? But I don't make the mistake of thinking all the answers are in and you people have to do is pick the best're the ones who talk as what you say was set in concrete instead of hair gel. I challenge everything we've assumed till now...that's all. I don't pretend to be right...just right for doing so.

: +++See...that wasn't so bad.

: Fled

: : Ashur Beth-Shlimon
: : _____________________

-- Ashur Beth-Shlimon
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