Dumb Assyrians

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 5:48PM :

Ok, Sadie, this one's for you...
There are these three people, one woman and two men. Well, the woman is from Finland, and is very smart, and the two men are from Greece and Assyria. Well, they are lined up to be executed, and just before the executioners give the word, the intelligent Finnish lady yells out "Volcano!" and the executioners take fright, running away. She is able to get free, and gets away, smart girl she is.

Then its the other two guys that are left. Well, just before the executioner gives the word, the Greek man, smart men Greeks are,
yells out "EarthQuake!" and he is able to get away as the guards scatter for cover.

Well, finally, the Assyrian realizes that there's a pattern here. So he tries a similar thing, and just as the executioner is about to yell the command, the Assyrian yells "Fire!" and that is the end of him....this sounds awfully familiar- I feel like I wrote it on this forum before, so if it sounds like you heard it before, you probably did. But do NOT despair, for I will provide another one in the next post.

-- Alexander
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