Construction workers

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Posted by Alexander from ( on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 6:05PM :

There are these three construction workers;
one is a Finnish lady(who seems to be everywhere these days), and her name is Sadie, one is this Ionian man, whose name is Io, and the last one is an Assyrian man, named Nimrod. Well, they are so tired of eating the same thing for lunch everyday. So one day, the radiant Finnish lady opens her lunch bag, and says "If my boyfriend makes me this same traditional Finnish food one more time for lunch, I will commit suicide by jumping off this building." Then the Ionian guy opens his lunch and says, "If my wife makes me this disgusting Greek food one more day for lunch, I too will jump off this building!" Finally, the Assyrian man opens his lunch and says "If I have to eat this soggy baklava and lamb just one more day, I swear by Ashur that I will jump off this building as well!"

Well, come the next day, they each open up their lunches. When the young Finnish lady opens her lunch, she yells, "Oh no!" and jumps off the building and dies. When the Io opens his lunch, he too yells "Oh nooo, not again!" and jumps off the building and dies. Well, then Nimrod opens up his lunch, and upon seeing his lunch, he yells "No! Not again!!" and jumps off the building and dies.

Well, at the funeral for the three construction workers, some of the co-workers are talking among themselves about the incident. One of them says, "What happened- why did they all jump off the building?" The other replies "Because they vowed that if ever their spouses should make them the same lunch again that they would jump off the building and die."
The other man then replied, "But Nimrod wasn't married."

-- Alexander
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