Beauty And The Roach

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Posted by farid from ? ( on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 7:02PM :

Norman Solkha is one of those Assyrians that make you wish we were extinct. He's another one who uses a bit of cash, this time wrung from his poor tenants, to dabble in things "Assyrian"...knowing damn well that the almost impoverished professors he rents are merely a device by which he hopes to gain some credibility and the gratitude of an addled "nayshun". He himself is a lout with a permanent hard-on for a brain...a vulgar man who sneers and leers at women whom he also brags about renting. And he fucks them all over...professors, women and us.

Those of you who haven't had the pleasure of Dr. Eden Naby's aquaintance can take my word for it...or that of anyone who knows her, that she is as far above Norman Solkha as if he really was were the cockroach he resembles. She is a physically striking person, with natural dignity and grace...and about as much learning, which she carries lightly, as can be crammed into a person without doing them permanent damage... extremely well spoken, who commands attention and respect wherever she goes. I'm not certain whether she was educated at Harvard, teaches there or is connected in some other capacity to that school. This would be a few years ago so I'm not sure what she's doing these days.

She is not one to vent her spleen out of spite or malice, or for any reason. She is reserved though you can feel the warm blood merrily pounding in her veins. Whatever she said about Norman was of course true and, I'm certain, as mild a reproach as could be managed through clenched teeth. In other words he deserves a lot worse than he got. The same is true of Jackie Bejan, though she got exactly what she deserved and will some more...not a jot will be denied her. Everything I said about her is true and happened. That's why she and Norman are so pissed ...we didn't make it up...that's really what they're like.

I can't believe Eden will withdraw from her work with our community, not permanently. I'm sure she is hurt and bitter right now. What are you supposed to do when you're a devoted parent and you know the local pediatric surgeon is a dangerous quack?...keep silent because, being a quack, he'll lash out at you if you threaten to expose him? You want to call me a guttersnipe because of the language I use...or the way I use it or what I've done to these poor benighted, short people, it's one thing...but if someone like Eden Naby is hung out to dry, when she was only trying to help us clean up the immense mess we've been left with through years of neglect and abuse when assholes such as Norman bought Assyria for spare will be a big step backwards that we can't afford and shouldn't tolerate.

Rise up! Storm the see Norman anywhere, piss on him...right then and there...tell him I said it was okay.

I can imagine what it must have felt like, being a scholar as Eden is, among a group of other distinguished scholars..when in comes Norman, towing a few professors in his wake whose expenses he's paid by overcharging welfare recipients, drug addicts and single mothers...thinking he's bought status and a place at the table. To then hear him mouth off, as all these people do when they sneak in where they couldn't get in on their own... explain this and expostulate on that...must have been terrible indeed and more than someone with even the patience and equanimity of Eden Naby could take.

Norman, like Jackie Bejan, buys his way in. Without the money to spend...and they don't really lavish just appears that way because they're so damn obvious about ever bit they spend...Norman would command no one's interest, certainly not of the professors he carts around or the women he wouldn't be able to buy...and that would be a godsend in itself because then Norman would have to go fuck himself and stop doing it to us.

As it says in the bibble..."Ye shall know them by the fruit of their looms". It should cause the Jackster's black little heart no end of grief to find herself in Norman Solkha's company, or maybe not...maybe they really are blood kin...and I think I can speak for Jeff as well when I say it's an honor to be in the Two Million Dollar Club with the likes of Dr Eden Naby. Maybe we'll start a trend. There are all sorts of ways to be warriors and even to get crucified. This is what Che meant when he told those American kids (probably CIA plants anyway) who wanted to play cowboys and Indians in Cuba to go back home and be grateful they lived in a country that provided them with the mechanisms to fight for change without resorting to such primitive techniques as Guerilla warfare, which comes down to shooting some terrified 16 year-old mother's son in the back. We Assyrians are exactly where the Zulu's were...we have to deal with our own first but, unlike the Zulu's, that's ALL we have to go up against...the rest is a piece of yummy cake.

But you know...we must be doing something right. Neither Norman nor Jackie, Nimrod, Golani, BetBoHunk, none of them can make an argument or present a case to save their lives. All of them require complete submission to their will and self-proclaimed "status" or else they dare not open their mouths or even show up. The only thing they can do, if they think of doing anything besides running, is hire a lawyer and try to shut you up by simply making it too expensive for you to speak the truth. We've got them on the run...war has been declared. Eden has roots in America...she is vulnerable. Me...I've adopted gorilla warfare...

-- farid
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