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Posted by farid from ? ( on Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 12:56PM :

In Reply to: furthermore posted by Sadie from D007069.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 0:41AM :

: What's the point if everyone stops resisting tyranny? Then the tyrannts will just enslave other people even more. It can get worse, & humanity still has a chance to try to make it better, while the odds are less against it.

***Then why have they never?

: Anyway, everyone knows that you are bullshitting when you say that you don't care if people don't read what you write.

***Thatīs an easy bit of bullshit to put up there yourself.

Why, then, post it on an internet forum? Why not just keep it in a diary? This is why I say "grow up."

***I hate diaries...always have. The internet is a place people may stumble across you...or not. I like that. I suppose I could write a diary and throw it in a river figuring someone will swim across it. But I started out on these thingies and liked the initial shhot-from-the-hip charge...but after having shot them all, itīs just become a habit. I donīt care...if it happens, fine.

You are in denial about many things about yourself - it's as if you haven't discovered much about yourself since adolescence, sometimes.

***Oh thatīs rich...this from a collitch kid hardly wet behind the ears...which shows you where you think things go...let alone begun to dry.

: Not everyone wants the world to go to hell at the hands of the corporations - why not care for the poor who desperately want to see a better life? Why not care for others?

***Caring and doing are two different things. Even Republicans and Christians "care". The hell with all you want to see if it gets you anything. By the way...those poor you care about would ne sooner get the upper hand than theyīd consign you to hell.

Why not care for yourself in a non-selfish way so that you learn what truly makes you happy besides trivial desires?

***I yam a bundle of trivial desires...otherwise Iīd want a degree from someplace near hell called Tenisea (?).

Why not give a damn about nature? Only a completely self-absorbed person would want the rest of the world to go to hell or decay at the hands of the oligarchs because it doesn't work out for him/her or think that it's no use to try to do anything anyway, so just live with it. Even a suicide bomber is trying to better his/her world, not just for his/her own sake, but for the sake of everyone, everything he/she loves. Why do you even bother to fight those lawsuits, anyway? Just let it all take you & your family down even more. Go ahead - give up on it all....

***I never give up...because I never set out to do anything but what I feel like doing. I feel like smearing Jackieīs privates all over the place...thatīs grand scheme in mind.

***Are you merely having a rhetorical argument with some idiot anyway?

***Turn down your bunnion burner.

-- farid
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