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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon from ( on Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 2:41AM :

In Reply to: Hanna Stretches posted by farid from ? ( on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 7:39PM :

And in the same token, whenever you hear the name Farid Parhad, you should know we are in trouble because FARID is an Arabic name and Parhad is a persian one and that simple and clear, unfortunately this gentleman he is like an ostrich and will remain that way !

Ashur Beth-Shlimon

common expressions that you will hear is the term “Dude”, guess what, its origin is Assyrian/Syriac!

: “Dude” means friend, friendly (exactly in the same context in which the term is used by Californians), and sometimes it means affectionate or beloved, in fact it is associated also with the name of Jesus as in Dod-Yeshu (in western Assyrian), or Dad-Eshu (in eastern Assyrian), meaning the beloved of Jesus, or the friend of Jesus.

: So next time you hear someone calling you: Hey Dude! Remember that our language is still alive among Californians.

: Hanna Hajjar

: +++And every time you hear or see an Ass...remember us too.

-- Ashur Beth-Shlimon
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