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Posted by farid from ( on Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 3:26PM :

...went scrounging at was a tough choice as to what to haul over...this one will doo...

In Response To: Look, it does not matter.... (Ninous Bebla)

dear mr. Ninous Bebla

I am interested to know how r u and BNDP prepared to defend the Assyrian name? Is sitting in Modesto and attacking Assyrians of Iraq your vision, if u have a vision that is?

BNDP is wasting valuable time and efforts by doing nothing but attacking other Assyrians when it should work on its own political agenda, again if it has one that is!

forget ZOWAA, forget Kanna, what r u and BNDP doing as a political organization to defend the Assyrian name, rights, and existance? What is your vision and how r u prepared to implement that vision?

Is bringing a Shi'aa fellow (Qasim Sarhan) on your TV to attack an Assyrian leader (Kanna) the BNDP vision of national struggle?

What has the BNDP done in Iraq during the last 12 years when it had freedom just like ZOWAA? Let me recall, your BNDP leaders in north Iraq refused to enroll their children in Syriac-teaching schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hummmmmm some vision huh?

How many supporters do you have in Iraq? and how many members does the Assyrian National Congress ANC of Sargon Dadesho have worldwide?

since BNDP is so small after 30 years of existence and the ANC is a mere organization by name only after years of operation, what does that tell u? hummmmmmm, does that mean that the Assyrians have no interest in losers?

Finally Mr. Ninous, besides the personal TV station and the bingo at the BNDP what has the BNDP and ANC done for Assyrians besides empty talk and a losing lawsuit?

pleazzzzzzzzzzze answer these questions for us, pleazzzzzzze.


: Look, it does not matter....

: Weather you like certain people or not, it does
: not matter. What we all should care is what
: is right or what is wrong.

: What is right is: 1- Our God given name
: Assyrian (Al-Ashouryeen)
: 2- Our land Assyria (Ashour)
: 3- Our political, social, and religious rights
: in Assyria (present day Iraq).

: If any body is not working to preserve nor
: achieve these is betraying its Assyrian
: Nation.

-- farid
-- signature .

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