Arab As Nigger

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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, September 15, 2003 at 12:16PM :

A lot of these Bethshlimoon guys aren't that well educated..."trained" yes. Schools in the Middle East aren't big on liberal arts and most people go to college to get good jobs. They're better at turning out engineers, technicians, doctors and, of course, teachers who go right back in and prepare another batch of workers. Their electives amount to a lot of memorizing...a lot of official versions of things and nationalized prejudices. On top of that, where Christians are concerned, you've got a lot of students going on to higher education who first had the local village priest shit in their heads and forget to flush, so they're starting out well behind already, their minds filled with prejudice and ethnic loyalties and hatreds as equal to any they'll find among the lower class Muslims...and these are the ones of ours going on to higher education.

I don't know why Christian Assyrians hate Muslim Arabs so much. They can't even get that right...that the Muslims around them are not Arabs...not unless they live in Arabia. That's the first piece of crap they learn...that Islam came from Arabia is true...but that today every Muslim anywhere in the world is an Arab is absurd. That's like claiming any Christian anywhere is an Israeli because Christ came from Israel. You can't even say Arabic is the language of Islam. It was once...just as Aramaic was the language of the Jews and Egyptians and even of Christ...but that was then...English and French and German and Italian are the languages of Christiaity today...they even dumped Latin for the mass, when no one made them...just those old market forces at work. There are far more Muslims outside of Arabia...but we still go on calling the Muslims of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, "Arabs" (though we do have enough sense to stop short of calling Mongolians and Filipinos Arabs)...that's how hide-bound our prejudices are...Muslims all HAVE to be Arabs, who thundered out of Arabia and "stole" our lands. They didn't steal more than the Brits stole America...or Australia or the Americans stole Hawaii and Alaska or Puerto Rico, or the Spaniards stole Cuba or the French stole Tahiti. History sanctifies these "thefts"...always has. It isn't as if the Arab conquerors invented anything and are the only ones to be scolded.

The Assyrians themselves stole do you think they got the empire we're all so proud of? On ancient reliefs you can see Arabs riding camels and we know the Assyrians, like everyone else, tried to conquer the Arabs. And that was before the Arabs were Muslim or the Assyrians Christian. Can't the Arabs point to those reliefs as evidence of Assyrian aggression and brutality and say they attacked Assyria right back in 700 AD to even the score? That we attacked them first and they merely returned the favor when they were ready...only they won? Why do we carry these things around and try to build actual arguments with them and act like we have a legitimate grievance to lay before the entire WURLD?

Part of the probblem is the way our eggheads are doting mothers who think every turd their son puts out is a gem. Sisters too are put to work lavishing praise and attention on the hairy beast until by the age of seven or eight he's conviced he must be the Prince everyone says he is. From there the village priest gets ahold of him and furthers his "education" by filling his fat head with stories of privileges lost..entitlements yanked away...just deserts denied...gratness scorned...gets the kid so filled with petulance and foot-stamping anger to think that the wealth of the Middle East...which would have been all his if his mother and sisters had their being "kept" from him by these Arabs who've taken "his country" from him. Such is the poor stuff these nationalist patrots of ours are made from. Look at BetBooHoo, listen to Shlimoon or Hanna or Aprim and you'll see that's what drives their National Petulance.

When they write about Arabs or Kurds, just replace the word with "nigger" and you'll recognize them for the simpleminded racists they are...though they hide their shit behind "history" and "National Questions"...dress it up in the "Diaspora". Whites hate Blacks because they know they wronged them...the sight of Blacks is a constant reminder of their own brutality and inhumanity...greed and lust. Black Africans never had the chance to do anything to Whites to justify their hatred and cruelty....but Assyrian Christians think they have the perfect excuse...they hate Arabs because Arabs "stole" what belonged to them. But it's a poor excuse...a shallow cover and it just plain isn't true. If Assyrians were entitled to enjoy the countries they stole and revel in their empire...then Arabs must be given the same right...allowed the same privilege. I doubt the ancient Assyrians would have "given" anyone's land back to them either. It was theirs till someone else stole it from them. And what did our Christians just finish doing if not encourage Americans to go steal it again?

Thems what runs don't own anything but what they carry on their backs. Look at what a basic point you have to start at if you want to have any kind of dialogue with these you have to teach them a language or at least take away that dictionary of their own making they use before you can even begin. And they don't want that anyway...they don't want civil discourse...learned disputation...they don't even want open discussion...just hold their national breath till they turn nationalistic blue in the face. That's why they ban and yelp and roar and then run wailing to Mama when you enter their nursery, wailing over their shoulder as they go, "we don't want to play with YOUR kind"...meaning you won't first agree to let them win like their sisters had to...Hairs of Ashurbanipal indeed!

-- farid
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